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Are you making this huge exercise mistake? (The answer is probably yes–even if you don’t exercise!)

You know that time when you got home from a day of shopping and realized there was a 3-foot long train of toilet paper stuck to your shoe? Didn't you wish that someone--anyone--just had the nerve to give you a heads up? Well, here I am. It's heads up time. Only this isn't about a social mishap--it's about your health. More specifically, the Continue Reading...

Is THIS Lurking in Your Lipstick? (and How to Avoid It)

"Did you eat a lot of paint chips when you were a kid?" That's a line from one of my favorite belly-laugh movies Tommy Boy. While it's a funny punchline, it's based on a pretty disturbing trend in the 20th century -- growing up in old homes full of lead paint, children were prone to chronic lead poisoning from (inadvertently or maybe purposefully--some Continue Reading...

How to Make Lip Balm (Recipe)

When I first learned how to make lip balm, I was immediately surprised at how easy it actually was. I pictured someone in a lab coat concocting a magic potion of sorts for chapped lips. I mean, I'm one of those people who carries a tube of lip balm on me wherever I go. It's a habit I picked up in the third grade and just never let it go. So I couldn't Continue Reading...

How to Clean Makeup Brushes in 5 Minutes with 1 Non-toxic Ingredient!

Do you love makeup? Me too! Then, like me, you're probably wondering how to clean makeup brushes with something natural. Even if you're using natural makeup, brushes can get... icky after a while. Because it's not just makeup on those brushes. We're talking dead skin, oils, bacteria, dirt... you get the picture. Today I want to teach you how to Continue Reading...

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