One Simple Trick to Relieve Dry Eyes Naturally Without Eye Drops

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One Simple Trick to Relieve Dry Eyes Naturally Without Eye Drops

At home, my eyes are fine and dandy–crystal clear and just the right amount of moisture. But when I go out, my eyes develop another personality. One that gets red and dry and irritated. Although I’ve always been armed with eye drops when I go out, I couldn’t help but think there must be a better (more natural!) way to address this problem. And by accident, I discovered an answer.

Lavender Mascara and Happy Eyes

A few weeks ago, I found this photo and posted it in my essential oils group on Facebook:


It sounded like great idea and I had my Young Living lavender essential oil handy, so I added a drop to my mascara. Right away I noticed my mascara stopped clumping (and smelled wonderful!). But after using it a few times I noticed I wasn’t reaching for my eye drops as much when I went out. In fact, I was barely using them at all!

Then I remembered that lavender oil is great for dry eyes! It naturally helps lubricate tear ducts.

How to Use Lavender for Dry Eyes

NOTE: Do NOT ever put lavender oil IN your eyes! It will seriously burn.

Adding lavender to your mascara (if you wear any) is one nifty way to keep a little lavender near your tear ducts, but it’s not the only way.

You can also take a drop of lavender and rub it along the bridge of your nose. This simple trick works very quickly to relieve dry eyes. You can reapply as often as necessary (so keep a bottle handy if you get dry eyes when you go out).

PS: I order my lavender oil from Young Living because I trust their oils to be the highest possible quality. You’ll get a bottle of lavender oil in the premium starter kit when you sign up for Young Living. Get started HERE.

One Simple Trick to Relieve Dry Eyes Naturally Without Eye Drops - The Nourished Life


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22 Responses to One Simple Trick to Relieve Dry Eyes Naturally Without Eye Drops

  1. Hello Liz Hope you’re doing well… That’s very interesting, i used to use the optix spray where you spray on your eyes closed but they are quite expensive for a little bottle..And i really dislike dry eyes..
    Interesting idea with lavender oil, ill give it a try…(:

  2. I have ocular rosacea which means my eyes are very, obnoxiously sensitive. Like you, when I am at home, things are usually alright, but if I spend any amount of time say, at the mall or grocery store or in the car, where the air is highly conditioned and forced by machines, I often leave feeling like I don’t want to even open my eyes! Eye drops have always been my go to, but this idea is indeed intriguing enough to try, though I don’t wear mascara so, you know, bridge of the nose it is! And if it works, less expensive too–bonus!!

  3. Such an interesting idea! I went home last night and added a drop of Lavender oil to my mascara and I am wearing it today! So far so good but I can’t wait to see how it works out long term. I often suffer from dry eyes especially at work.

  4. Well I tried putting on bridge of my nose. I really didn’t think it would work but to my surprise it did. Thanks so much for the tip.

  5. I’ve been dealing with severe dry eyes and getting a little scared since it was getting worse. Then I happened on an article (maybe even on this site?) about putting lavendar oil on the bridge of the nose before bed….hallelujah it works! Now I will add some to my mascara! Thanks!

  6. i look forward to trying this as i cant even open my eyes in the morning without reaching for drops or serious pain without ..looking forward to it

  7. This is wonderful! I never knew lavender could be so beneficial for your eyes! I shared this with a friend who suffers from dry eyes, but for her, it’s worse in the morning. Maybe she can apply some lavender oil on the bridge of her nose before bed, like you suggested. This was excellent!

  8. As soon as I read this I went and put some of my YL lavender on the bridge of my nose & I can’t believe how fast my eyes reacted. I was unsure because I wear contacts but I am happily impressed. Thanks for the tip!!

  9. Hey! I’ve also tried this ‘trick’ and I find it really good. I wear contact lenses and I had absolutely no problem with my eyes, plus the mascara smells amazing!

    • I was actually wondering if it would help for those with contacts! I just started really having problems with dry eyes over the past two years or so and nothing helps, not even drops. I am definitely trying this! Thank you!

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