Insanely Easy Whipped Body Butter Recipe

Insanely Easy Whipped Body Butter Recipe at


Why do I love whipped body butter? Let me ask you this:

Does your moisturizer make you nervous?

Let me guess:

It’s either filled with questionable ingredients or wildly expensive. Or both. (Here’s a list of chemicals to avoid in body lotion.)

Like you, I’ve been seeking a natural alternative to those bottles of creamy (but chemical-laden) conventional lotions.

It hasn’t been easy.

Coconut oil has always been a top contender, but it wasn’t until I tried a new coconut oil body butter recipe that I finally found my personal holy grail moisturizer.

Why Whipped Body Butter with Coconut Oil?

I’ve been having an on again, off again love affair with coconut oil as a moisturizer for a few years now.


I love that it’s pure, natural and even inexpensive.

But we don’t always get along, and in the winter things get hard. Literally. I practically need a jackhammer to get enough coconut oil out of the jar to moisturize my dry winter skin.

This is a serious problem, because I’m a big fan of convenience, and wrestling with a jar of coconut oil isn’t exactly my cup of tea in the wee hours of the morning.

What about heating up the jar?

Heating the jar to melt the oil never worked for me, either, because I chronically forgot to do it!

So most of the time I’d end up digging it out with my fingernails, or I’d just give up and go back to my old lotion stand-by.

But deep down I felt there was a way to work things out. Coconut oil and I were meant to moisturize together. I just needed to figure out the how.

Here’s what I did:

One day I ran across a recipe for whipped shea butter, and this got me thinking:

Can you whip coconut oil?

Well, by golly, I had a brand new KitchenAid mixer sitting on my counter (my husband sure knows how to melt a girl’s heart on Christmas!) and five gallons of coconut oil sitting in my pantry.

Why not give this coconut oil recipe a go?

Here’s what happened:

The result was a superbly light and fluffy moisturizer that far exceeded my expectations. With a jar of this on hand, I doubt I will ever be tempted to fool around with expensive store bought lotions ever again.

Want to try it out? Here’s how you can make great homemade body butter with whipped coconut oil:

DIY Whipped Body Butter Recipe with Coconut Oil

I love that this coconut oil recipe only requires one (yes, one!) ingredient: coconut oil.

Anything else is completely optional.

It also only takes a few measly minutes, and you’ll have enough whipped body butter to last at least a month or two. In fact, if you get carried away, put some in an attractive jar and it makes a great gift!

Here’s what it costs:

It feels sinfully luxurious as a moisturizer, and yet an entire jar of it costs less than $2 to make if you buy your coconut oil in bulk.

What you need:

Learn where I shop for high quality therapeutic essential oils online.

What to do:

1. Put all ingredients into a mixing bowl. Note: Do not melt the coconut oil first. It will only whip up if it’s solid.

2. Mix on high speed with a wire whisk for 6-7 minutes or until whipped into a light, airy consistency.

3. Spoon the whipped coconut oil body butter into a glass jar and cover tightly. Store at room temperature, or in the refrigerator if your house is so warm it melts the oil.

Tip: An electric hand mixer will work, but my KitchenAid stand mixer did an amazing job and I was able to get other work done while it was mixing away. A blender or food processor will not work with this coconut oil recipe, because they tend to warm the oil too much and prevent it from whipping up.

Note: Your whipped coconut oil should stay relatively soft, even at colder temperatures. If it’s really cold, it will become a little more solid, but not rock hard like it normally does. I noticed mine beaded into a froth of tiny coconut oil pearls that melt right into my skin. Love it!

Order coconut oil online HERE.

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Have you made this whipped body butter recipe? Do you have your own coconut oil recipes to share? I’d love to hear from you in the comments below!

Homemade Body Butter Recipe: Whipped Coconut Oil
With a jar of this on hand, I doubt I will ever be tempted to fool around with expensive store bought lotions ever again.
  1. Put all ingredients into a mixing bowl. Note: Do not melt the coconut oil first. It will only whip up if it’s solid.
  2. Mix on high speed with a wire whisk for 6-7 minutes or until whipped into a light, airy consistency.
  3. Spoon the whipped coconut oil body butter into a glass jar and cover tightly. Store at room temperature, or in the refrigerator if your house is so warm it melts the oil.
  4. Tip: An electric hand mixer will work, but my KitchenAid stand mixer did an amazing job and I was able to get other work done while it was mixing away. A blender or food processor will not work with this coconut oil recipe, because they tend to warm the oil too much and prevent it from whipping up.
  5. Note: Your whipped coconut oil should stay relatively soft, even at colder temperatures. If it’s really cold, it will become a little more solid, but not rock hard like it normally does. I noticed mine beaded into a froth of tiny coconut oil pearls that melt right into my skin. Love it!


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Insanely Easy Whipped Body Butter Recipe at



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  1. I’ve done this for a few years and I love it!  Nothing beats it…nothing.  Another added benefit is that as coconut oil is antibacterial, acne gets nipped in the bud.  My adult acne is way way better!

      • Hi Elizabeth. From many of the comments I have read, there often comment on the hrd consistency of coconut oil. On a different blog I read about “organic raw shea butter” as an ingredient for an underarm deoderant paste. Would that coconut shea butter be any softer than pure coconut oil and could a combination of the two do the job without having to do any whipping? I just wondered if the whipping, as it incorporates air, may result in a rancidity sooner than would normally be the case???

        • Shea butter will get just as hard as coconut oil in cold temperatures (harder, actually, since its melting point is even higher). To keep it softer, you can add some liquid oil like almond or jojoba instead. I don’t think the whipping affects the shelf life much. It should be good for at least 3-6 months, I’d guess.

      • When it’s whipped, it makes it easier to use just a little and spread it evenly all over your face. If you really dislike oil on your face, then you might not like it, but if you use the right amount it’s really not too bad.

        • I have used coconut oil as a facial cleanser for a while and found that using a damp cloth to wipe off the excess helps deter that oily feeling on your face. I used to use it as a moisturiser but it burns when it gets in my eyes so I’m not a fan of that anymore as I am always rubbing my eyes! To cleanse, I put a dollop of coconut oil in my palm, spread it between my two hands and then massage it into my skin in circles. I make smaller, firmer circular motions around trouble areas- blackheads on my nose, dry patch on my forehead and then I wet a clean facecloth in water as hot as I can stand it. Wring it out and lay it over my face for a few minutes so the steam opens up my pores. I do this a few times and then begin gently wiping off the excess oil with the same washclosh, dampened. Sometimes I just step into the shower instead, leave it on while the steam builds up and then rinse it off with warm water in the shower until it feels like the excess oil is gone. You can also do this with coconut oil or almond oil… worth googling to learn more and figure out which oil might be best for you.

          • I also tried using coconut oil as a facial moisturizer. It burned my eyes even though I didn’t put it near them. I now use almond oil or avocado oil to cleanse my face and wipe off with a hot rag. My face is very soft and the wrinkles aren’t as pronounced.

  2. Wow, great idea. I’ll definitely give this a try. Something I’ve always done is put the jar in the shower with me and then it’s the perfect softness to rub on. I also found if I rub it on a little wet still, it’s not as oily and absorbs nicely making it last longer through the day on my skin.

  3. This would also make an awesome base for the medicinal qualities of Young Living essential oils. Coconut oil and lavender have helped heal many skin issues, but it was so hard to work with the coconut oil. Thank you for sharing!!!!

    • If you use young living you can use copiba, frankincense, and geranium. All great for skin issues esp with coconut oil!!

  4. Thanks for the great post, Elizabeth.  I first found out about coconut oil several years ago when a family member that had shingles heard it could help clear up their condition.

    Soon after (and after a great deal of research),  I started finding uses for it in cooking, baking, and body lotion for my wife and myself as well. 

    I now have a difficult time ever wondering how I lived without it.  Thanks for helping make more people aware of this great natural gift :)

      •  Thanks for asking, Cindy-
        From what I recall, she actually took it both ways: Topically on the affected area, and internally as well through a ‘tea’ when she mixed it with stevia and hot water.  To be honest, I don’t recall exactly how long she used it, but she said that it helped.
        Next time I see her, if I remember, I’d be happy to ask :)

        • Okay. A family member on my husbands side is currently suffering from shingles. Has been in a lot of pain and the next step is electric shock waves to alleviate the pain here in the next two weeks or so. I understand that coconut oil is anti-microbial, anti-fungal and anti-bacterial.

          • Sorry, I am continuing the response as I started to type the 6th line – the cursor was moving, but no words were showing up?? Anyway, I guess I’ll see if he will take about a Tablespoon internally a day and apply topically. Alone? Thanks!  

          •  I think alone would be great, but I really like the recipe that Elizabeth provided as well.  Vitamin E is considered to be very helpful in fighting shingles. She also suggested an essential oil of choice, and I know that tea tree has many properties as well that is supposed to support the response against shingles.
            Best wishes to you :)

          •  Hey Cindy— Your comment led me to make a phone call.
            I guess she had one bout with it that lasted about 12 weeks, prior to using coconut oil.
            Then, she had a 2nd bout with it about a year later, and after about the 6th week began using it, and within two weeks, it had cleared up.
            She strongly attributes it clearing up quickly to having used it, and says she wish she would have used it sooner.  Also, she said it was quite soothing as well.
            Hope this helps :)

          • All very interesting to read. Shingles is caused by the chicken pox/varicella virus. Hope they cleared up quickly, it causes a lot of pain.

  5. Thank you for your post.  I love coconut oil for my skin.  I have also found a good solution in to melt it and pour it into a silcone ice cube tray and then pop them out when they reset and use it like a bar of soap.  I just keep it in a little container on the counter.

    • I’ve had probs with CO being sticky, not absorbing into my skin & rubbing off onto my sheets.  I will try this in the shower while my skin is still damp.  Hopefully it works!  Thanks a lot!

      • I’m an esthetician – you may be using too much. Apply a small amount to your skin and leave it for 5 – 10 minutes, then rub into skin again, wipe any excess with a warm, damp soft cloth. It is SO good for your skin and this should help with your issue. : )

      • Becky,  Are you using virgin coconut oil?  I have been using coconut oil for about 8 years for sciatica, cramps in my legs, and as a rub for my sore back.  It rubs off on my sheets but has never left a stain; just washes right out.  I also use it for my skin.  

  6. My friend tried this, but the oil never changed consistency, no matter how long she left it in the mixer.  Any suggestions?

          • I started with solid coconut oil & whipped & whipped in my stand mixer with the whisk attatchment & it never changed consistency for me either.  Maybe I’ll try refridgerating & re-whipping tomorrow.

          • I wonder if there were impurities in the oil.  That could possibly be an issue.  I would think it would need to be pure with no additives.

          • Well, the recipe says you can add essential oils and Vitamin E to it,  so I doubt it would need to be pure.  My coconut oil was completely pure as well, and it never whipped up.  I live in Southern California, and it’s not that hot here.  I guess I will refrigerate it and try again.

          • Mines not whipping either..its whipping as I type.The oil is pure and I added vitamin E but it still will not whip :( ughhh

          •  I tried this for the first time tonight!  It’s rather cold where I live at the moment and my electric stick mixer wasn’t working.  So I got out the hand whisk and some elbow grease… took a while but it did finally work!

          • I live in Canada and have whipped mine in all weather conditions and all types off coconut oil with no problems. I use a hand help mixer and have also used oil that came out of the cupboard and out of the fridge. It NEVER seems to take long at all to whip for me less then a minute for sure. My faviourt one i make is a scrub coconut oil, pure vanilla oil, brown sugar and coffee grounds, I mix whip it all up, put it in a container and put in the fridge or cupboard.

    • I was having the same problem of the oil not whipping, where I live it is about 90 outside, to solve this problem I took a smaller bowl than the one I had the oil in and put ice in it till it touched the bottom of the other bowl, the oil whipped up in no time!!!!

    • It is AMAZING on the feet. Keep massaging it in every day and you won’t believe the results. If you can tolerate it, massage it in and sleep in socks.  

        • I have a trick for feet (using coconut oil) which I’ve been using for a few years now.  I don’t use whipped coconut oil, although that sounds like a good idea for faces, just regular stuff right out of the jar.  I use about 1 cup and melt it (whichever way works best for you – I sometimes let it melt in the jar in a sink of hot water, or if I’m in a real hurry, I’ll use the microwave.   Put the oil into two plastic bags, like old bread bags, and sit down in your favorite chair and then put a foot in each bag and wrap the bag around  your ankles to keep it in place and then leave for about 30 minutes or so.  Have an old towel handy and wipe off each foot as it emerges from the bag, and then into a pair of socks.  I do this before going to bed at night but do whatever time of day works for you.  ***Note:  if you shower afterwards, be sure to put a towel into the bottom of your tub so you don’t slip and fall.

          Also, I mix a little coconut oil and lavender oil together and put a VERY small amount in the palm of one hand and rub it all over my hands, through my fingers, onto the backs of my hands, etc.  Then I gently run my fingers and hands through my hair.  My hair is very long and after being washed it tends to be fly-away.  This calms things down and doesn’t get greasy. Gives it a lovel shine, too.  I don’t, however, use it on my bangs because they get too oily.  I don’t know if the whipped oil would work for this or not because I haven’t tried it yet, but I will!

          ***NOTE TO ELIZABETH:  I don’t know if this is happening to anyone else, but while I was typing this message, the area where the “post as” box is located creates a small bar where about 4 or 5 lines of type don’t show up while I’m typing, so I can’t see if I made any mistakes or not.  It’s like typing blind.  WHY is that happening??

  7. I initially was using coconut oil right out of the jar, too. Then I came up with an idea to create a nutrient rich, all natural, Super Body Butter, if you will. 2 parts coconut oil, 1 part shea butter, 1 part cocoa butter, vitamin E (in carrier oils). It’s fabulous! I don’t have a nice stand mixer, so I melt it slightly, and use an immersion blender to emulsify it. I don’t know if its my lack of patience or blender power, but it just emulsifies rather that really whips up. But it’s still great. I use it every day, and smear it on my kids after baths. Good stuff!

    • I always wondered if mixing other oils with the CO would work.  Do they separate after a time, or does the whole works stay bound together?  I’ve mixed essential oils with CO, of course, but that’s only a few drops at a time. 

        • Olive oil works fine. I have a half CO, half EVOO mix that I whipped up. It’s still solid, a few weeks later… although when it warms up I do notice the EVOO pooling at the bottom. If it separates too much, I’ll just whip it again! 😀

    • Your Super Body Butter intrigues me. Coconut oil straight out of the jar isn’t hydrating enough for my dry skin. Perhaps adding in these other ingredients will help! thanks to you both :)

  8. Brilliant! Just what we need. My 8 year old has very angry hands after using school soaps. We’ve been putting on coconut oil at night, but it’s so messy and hard to get massaged in. I’ll try the whipped because it IS working, if only for the night. Her hands are always much better in the morning if we do this. Thank you!

    • Have you tried gloves? My daughter had trouble with dry hands earlier this winter, but moisturizing and then wearing gloves all night solved the problem within 3 days. She hated the gloves at first but didn’t care once she saw how quickly it worked!

    • My daughter has eczema and you can have her dr request the school for her to use your own soap that she brings to school and use and creams. AS gross as it sounds I’d rather my daughter just use water than use any other soap than what she can use due to her issues and the end results.

      I too actually tried whipping the CO and it turned into a cream instead. I had found a different recipe on a website which was almost the same as yours except 1/2 cup of CO. And although it made my skin feel good (I had to wipe off some I put to much on first time user here) the consistency of it was just not a good feeling. So I googled and found your page. First thing this morning I pulled out my kitchen Aid and started whipping it. I whipped for 20min realized it was not going to get any better and stopped but it is more of a cream at least now and thin. My next batch I’m going to try from the Frig since I live in Vegas. When I measured the oil it was not hard at all. It was thickish but not hard. I heard it helps with razor burn and so I’m going to have my daughter try this as well on her legs. How long does this last on the shelf? It made quite a bit?

  9. I made this yesterday and the consistency is wonderful!! I’m curious to see if it changes with the fluctuating temperatures in our home. Thank you so much for sharing this solution!! I had already been using coconut oil as a moisturizer and always found it annoying when it hardened.

  10. I have the KitchenAid, I have the Cocount Oil, I have the Vitamin E capsules, I have Lavender Massage Oil (no essential oils) this would work for me…. THANK YOU!

  11. The whipped oil looks so divine in your photo, Elizabeth! I share your sentiments about the consistency of the oil as it is sold in the jar. It’s eiher rock hard or liquid and very difficult to deal with. I wanted to try your suggestion, but I don’t have a mixer :(. I tried with a Vitamix as well as a Cuisinart and neither worked. They just liquified the oil indefinitely… I think it is because the blades are too fast. The Kithen Aid works much slower. Perhaps I’ll try with a hand mixer. I really want to do this!! :) Thank you for the idea!

    • I think another problem with a Vitamix or Cuisinart is that they get very warm after a few minutes, which will melt the oil and prevent it from whipping as well. My KitchenAid keeps it cool enough where the coconut oil only softens instead of melts. You might have more success whipping shea butter, which stays solid at higher temperatures.

      • Tried with a hand mixer from room temp CO and it stayed liquid.  Then I refrigerated it and tried it with a hand mixer, and it wouldn’t break up the chunks.  Guess I don’t live in a cold enough climate, and don’t have a  KitchenAid :( 

  12. I love this idea. My skin is so sensitive and I think the products I use now aren’t helping. I am going to see if I can come up with a gentle cleansing bar using the coconut oil as well. I use something called a LoLo Bar now, while damp from the shower and I love how it stays on and moisturizes my skin. It’s made with almond oil, beeswax, hempseed oil, coconut oil, cocoa butter, and vit E.

  13. I have used coconut oil as a moisturizer for years but never thought of whipping it – I can’t wait to try it!! A genius idea!!!

  14. I use 76 degree coconut oil in my handmade soap.  But I am becoming confused… I didn’t know there were so many different kinds.  I usually buy in bulk from an oil supplier, but I was running short and purchased some in the health food section of my local grocer.  It smelled like coconut!  I’ve never noticed that in my soapmaking before.  Can you explain the difference?  virgin coconut oil?  extra virgin coconut oil?  76 degree?  I know there are more…

    • It can definitely be confusing! Here’s what I know:

      All coconut oil (as far as I know) is 76 degree oil, because coconut oil starts melting at 76 degrees.

      There is no difference between virgin and “extra” virgin. Those are just two ways of describing unprocessed coconut oil. This oil has not been extensively heating or filtered, so it still retains the scent and flavor of coconut.

      Refined or expeller-pressed oil has no smell or taste. It is usually less expensive, and also more versatile since it doesn’t taste like coconut.

      • There is also a 92 degree coconut oil, though I’ve never tried it.  I like the 76 degree because, living in the desert, I can just put my container on the back patio for a short while, and then I can easily get it out of the container. :)

        • The thing to look for with coconut oil is this (IMO!):  if you want to eat it, look for cold-pressed, virgin, organic coconut oil.  If you’re going to use it in body products (homemade or otherwise) look for expeller-pressed or refined (no scent will be involved with those).  There is no such thing as extra virgin coconut oil, as far as I know.  It’s a marketing gimmick.

  15. this looks great!! Does it leave the skin oily for a while after? Im looking for a morning moisturiser; one I can put on, wait 5 minutes then get dressed straight after.

  16. I love coconut oil but when I try to use it as a moisturizer my skin itches terribly. Allergy? As far as I know I’m not allergic to anything.

    • For some people, I’ve heard that coconut oil can be drying. It helps to massage it in right after a hot bath or shower while the skin is still damp. And sometimes other oils tend to work better for some folks–it’s all individual! :)

  17. Uh, coconut oil.. I can think of other uses for it, and this  “body butter” style is perfect.
    My wife and I will try it out and let you know..

    • yes, Jmillen62, it works VERY well for that too.. as I keep a pretty jar of it next to my bed table just for that purpose… if you’re implying what I THINK you’re implying … hehe

  18. what type of coconut oil do you use cold press, centrifuged, or expeller pressed… There are many to choose from which do find works the best for you

    • I keep mostly expeller-pressed at home because I get the most use out of it. None of us like the coconut flavor/smell very much, so it makes it simpler to just get expeller-pressed in bulk. Of course, you can use whichever you are most comfortable with, but I don’t believe it makes a notable difference healthwise.

  19. OK…I am totally doing this!  I am new to the Coconut Oil Obsession fan club, but have been using it as my total body moisterizer…can’t wait to whip it!!!

    • I think this happens when the coconut oil is too warm. My house is cool this time of year and my coconut oil was pretty solid when I did this recipe, and I suspect that’s why it worked out so well. If your house stays on the warmer side most of the year (like 72+ degrees F), then shea butter might be a better option.

    •  Mine never whipped up either. I used the whisk. It was solid when I started…I whipped for the entire time. Mine only got more liquid. It’s organic, expeller-pressed, no additives. :-(

      • Sorry yours never whipped up! :( From what everyone’s said in comments and email, I suspect temperature has a lot to do with the results. The mixer naturally warms the coconut oil a little, so if your room temperature is on the high side, the coconut oil will probably liquify rather than whip. Like I said above, if your house tends to be warmer than 72 degrees F, shea butter will probably give better results because it has a much higher melting point.

        •  Just an idea I’ve had while reading these comments (I haven’t tried it) – I wonder if, in warmer climes, you could freeze the bowl or put it in a sink of ice cold water and then whip??

          • Im in Florida and was also having a difficult time getting the CO to whip. I put some in the freezer for about 5 minutes and then whipped it using a hand blender with a whisk attachment. In no time at all I had butter!! :) t just needs to be colder and keep it in the fridge and this should work!

          • It is summer here and the temperature is very hot. I had trouble whipping the oil so I filled the bottom of a bowl with ice, then set my bowl with the oil in it into the bowl of ice. I used a hand mixer on the lowest speed and within a minute I had fluffy whipped oil! I had to immediately refrigerate it as it began melting again right away. I am really looking forward to using this after my shower in the morning! I am also going to make a batch up with lavender and tea tree oil for my feet because I am prone to athletes foot.

  20. Do I get the organic coconut oil or the refined? I wasn’t sure if it should have a smell to it or not. Thanks! Gonna try this one!!!:)

  21. Made this stuff last night and at first I have to admit that I was a little nervous about using it.  It felt really greasy and I was worried it might clog my pores but after using a VERY tiny amount, it felt much less greasy. Plus I read some of the comments and found out that it can actually help to alleviate acne!  Amazing!  I’ve also heard that coconut oil is the best remedy for chapped lips.  As a chapstick addict I’ve never been able to go a day without wearing it (and I ALWAYS wear chapstick before bed). I’m looking forward to replacing my chapstick habit with this whipped coconut oil.  I just wish it could come in a chapstick-like form! I’m not a big fan of using my fingers to apply lip balm. Any suggestions?

    • Glad you enjoyed this! Maybe you get get some into an old, empty chapstick container? I know some people do this with old deodorant sticks so they can use coconut oil as deodorant. Maybe this would work with chapstick as well.

    • chapstick!  GREAT IDEA!!  Woudln’t have ever thought of that.  My 3 year old wont’ quit licking his lips and has a red ring all around his mouth.  Definitely trying this.  And Elizabeth – I’m loving the whipped coconut oil as a lotion!  Isn’t quite as whipped as yours was, but still working wonderfully as a moisturizer.  We’ll see what happens this summer though!

      • Glad that you’re enjoying your whipped coconut oil! My son (5) had that problem a few weeks ago. He’s a little older so we were able to get him to stop licking his mouth so much after some persistence, but in the interim coconut oil did help the red ring disappear!

    • if you’re going to use it as a lip balm and keep it in a small tin or stick form, you must melt some beeswax into it as the melting temperature of pure CO will melt in your pocket or purse if you go out in warm weather. The beeswax has many wonderful natural properties in itself and it will change the melting point of the entire mixture.

  22. I have a few questions.
    What do you use for vitamin e?
    Straight vit e or mixed with anthing – I want to use this on my face.

    I am also looking for a facial cleanser to use as well to help clear up my adult
    acne. Any suggestions?

  23. I am wondering what you use for vitamin E.  I can only find vitamin E in capsules (pure) or as an oil with others stuff as stabilizer.  I would like to make this so I can use it for facial cream.
    Also, I was wondering what I could use as a facial cleanser?  any suggestions for adult acne?

  24. does anyone know what kind of shea butter to buy and where?  Looks like there are different kinds and I’m confused which to buy.  Looked on Amazon prime for products.  I live in Texas so probably need to use something that isn’t so temperature sensitive

    • I don’t have extensive experience with shea butter, but NOW Foods is usually a good, affordable brand to start with. If you’re looking for product reviews, I suggest checking out–they have tons of reviews on many common health products, and I often go there to check the reviews even if I end up buying elsewhere.

  25. Wow…this couldn’t be easier! I’ve made facial and body creams with various solid fats and oils, emulsified in liquids like rosewater and aloe vera. Very tricky to get it all right. I’m definitely going to try this, along with a couple of essential oils that I know work well for my skin. Thanks!

  26. I’ve always used coconut oil to fry my egg in the morning and rubbed a little on my hands and face.  I think I will use your recipe but add some EVOO, organic, and I’ll let you know how it works.  thanks

  27. This might be a silly question but where did you find 5 gallons of coconut oil?  All I could find was a small jar at Sprouts for $6.  Thanks!

  28. I had NO idea you could do this!! This is incredible (and it looks so tasty), so I obviously must try this. I have a carrot cake in the oven, and would love to top it with this. I might also try my skin, as well! Thank you so much for sharing Elizabeth. :)

  29. I am so excited to try this recipe!! My children and I made homemade lemon sugar scrub as a teacher gift this past Christmas and it was sch a hit!! I had no idea how easy, and fun, making homemade products like this could be!!

  30. I always use coconut oil as a moisturizer, but never thought to whip it! I just made it (with the added Vitamin E) and it is great! It was a bit of a pain to make because I had to use a hand mixer, but it was worth it.

  31. I wanted to share – I made this tonight for the first time. I went to my local health food store for the vitamin E oil and they were out so she suggested EMU Oil, the owner explained how good it is for your skin. It seemed to work just fine. I’ve been using coconut oil a lot lately and I’m in love with it! Thank you for the recipe!

  32. THANK YOU! I am going to go try this right now! I have been trying to find a recipe for whipping coconut oil, and only found shea butter ones! I was just about to try this on my own, but I feel a lot better knowing you’ve already done it and it works! Yay! :)

  33. Whipped up a batch of coconut oil body butter today.  I added a couple of drops of vanilla extract.  It smells just like homemade vanilla ice cream.  Soooooo loving it!

    • Ok, after seeing all the other posts on here, I’ve decided to share.  I take a tsp. in a cup of tea, cook my eggs with it every day, use in on toast instead of butter, put it on my poor diabetic feet to help the cracked heels and use it to remove my makeup and moisturize at night.  After removing my makeup, I wipe it off with a tissue then use a warm wash cloth.  While I’m still warm from the tub, I apply it for nighttime moisture. 

  34. I love coconut oil. I mix it with baking soda to make a flouride free toothpaste. I never thought of this idea…thanks so much. I can’t wait to try it.

  35. I whipped some as per your instructions and I could not get mine to take on a whipped consistency, but it was more like pudding. Is this how it is supposed to be or perhaps I didn’t whip it on high enough speed or long enough? I suppose it doesn’t really matter, I am able to use it like a lotion just fine.

  36. Thank you for sharing. We also added tea tree oil and my boyfriend who has psoriasis is doing so much better. He went from being about 90% covered to  about 30%. We put it on every day 2 times a day. No more flaking the itching has even went away. It is great!!!


    • Wow, Melissa, what a testimonial! I’m so happy to hear how this worked for your boyfriend. I hear a lot of great coconut oil testimonials, but they never fail to be exciting–natural methods are amazingly effective!

  37. GENIUS! I had no idea coconut oil could be whipped! I have a hand mixer so I’ll be getting a workout while making this, two birds with one stone 😉

  38. I tried going to your resource page to find where you buy coconut oil but it won’t let go there. What’s the web address to the place you buy your coconut oil? I want to buy it in bulk, at least a gallon or more and I don’t want to pay a too much money.

  39. I tried this and nothing happened. I let it go on high for 20 mins. I followed exactly. Has this ever happened to you?? 

  40. So I found this via Pinterest and just whipped it up yesterday. I have awful dry skin and ezcema, and am hopeful that this helps!!

  41. I tried whipping mine….it didn’t whip! I don’t know if it’s because it had melted before (house very warm) & then started to cool off & get hard again, or because it’s refined. I put my Kitchen Aid bowl in the fridge to try to get it cool & I’ll try from there.

  42. So what is better the liquid or the solid kind? I want to try using it but I’m confused about what type I need to purchase. Please help.

  43. Ok I tried the hand mixer without the whisk and all I got was a watery coconut goo, needless to say it does not resembles your picture at all :( I feel like I’m missing something

  44. I have Lupus, & developed skin problems from mineral oil, ect. Started using coconut oil for everything. Make-up remover, cooking,makes great popcorn, you name it! Favorite is Swansans extra virgin coconut oil! Luv the whipping recipe! Thank you, luv your site!

  45. Love this!  I used Dr. Bronner’s Magic all-one Fair Trade and Organic Coconut Oil, added rose, lavender and ylang ylang oils and whipped it with my $12 hand held mixers – worked like a charm!  Thank you :-)

  46. Read through alot of comments and i didnt see this asked or answered so sorry if it already has….i previously bought refined coconut oil b/c its what the store has. do you use, or is another kind better for this recipe, especially for acne? Like virgin or unrefined etc. I dont feel like im getting the same results with anything with the refined but dont know whats best or at least better. Thanks :)

    • It doesn’t matter beyond personal preference and experience. Some very sensitive individuals may react to the natural compounds in virgin coconut oil, which is why some tolerate eating refined oil vs. unrefined. I’m not sure how this translates to skincare, but it’s something to consider.

      • Thank you for the response. I do have very sensitive skin….adult acne and some dermatitis so maybe ill try my refined first. I just wasn’t sure if they all had the same nutrients, benefits etc.

  47. This might be a question you have already answered, but from the comments I read, I didn’t see it. Do you have to re-whip it after time or does it hold its consisitancy indefinitately? 

  48. I tried to whip up the coconut oil its virgin coconut oil that I had gotten from….but it doesn’t seem to want to whip up…is the heat (its 76+ here right now)or is it the type of coconut oil.

  49. What are we doing wrong? It whipped into a liquid mess. We tried adding xantan gum to thicken it up, BIG FAIL!!

    • If coconut oil reaches 76 degrees or higher, it will melt. And if it melts, it won’t whip up, it just stays in liquid form. I have a feeling that during the warmer months, whipping coconut oil just may not be practical for a lot of folks unfortunately. :(

  50. Thanks for the tip on whipping it!!!  Also it makes a huge difference what kind you buy as the quality varies for theraputic issues.  Extra virgin has more nutirents, and organic is best no impurities.  I LOVE Nature’s Way Extra Virgin Organic CO found at health food stores.  It totally cleared up my excema  and helps you lose weight b/c the fat is used as energy in your liver and not as fat. engery

    • …It gives you energy because of how it’s metabolised.  Makes the best popcorn and use it in place of any fat in cooking.  Many people take 4 t’s a day for weight loss.  My fav treat….take gram crackers and spread with good coconut oil, add a piece of dark chocolate on top…yummy smores w/o the sugar of a marshmellow.

  51. I have made body lotion with 1 cup coconut oil, 1 cup vitamin E cream and 2 cups of my favorite scent of baby lotion ( a new apple scent just avialable form J&J is amazing)
    I have shared this with many and it gets rave reviews!!!

  52. Hmmm, this got the wheels turning. Back in February I had a breast reduction and have (since I was able to begin using topicals) been using my own mixture of emu oil, castor oil and vitamin e oil on the incisions. Here we are, 4 months later and theres very minimal redness. Plus, my mix is amazing on stretch marks as well. I use it on my face and hair as well, love it. Now I’m so curious to add this to whipped coconut oil. Any thoughts on how it might turn out? (Are all these oils friendly with each other?)

    •  I am not sure how the oils might mix, or if the liquid oils would whip
      with the coconut oil. I know that if you just mix them together, then
      they will separate if the coconut oil turns solid again.

      •  I just mixed the first batch, left the oils out. Not much happened. I think the CO was too warm & soft. I got out an ice pack, set it under the bowl and continued to mix. It worked, mostly to cool the CO, however, the stuff did begin to harden on the bottom of the bowl. In the end, it turned out ok (I think). Just need to make sure for future reference, that the CO is on the colder side of room temp.

  53. I Love your Whipped Coconut Oil and am going to make some.BUT,does the whipped coconut oil go “Flat”(lose it”s air) in hot weather and turn back again into “regular” coconut oil?

    • If it melts fully, I suspect it will loose its “fluffy” quality, so to speak. But my house is definitely on the warmer side this time of year, and my whipped coconut oil hasn’t lose any of its fluff. So it probably depends on just how warm it might get.

    • I use refined, personally, because that is what my family prefers. But coconut oil (refined or unrefined) can be solid or liquid, depending on the temperature. Coconut oil has a melting point of 76 degrees F, so at that point it will start becoming softer and more liquid.

  54. try mixing some oil of oregano oil in the mix for a healing effect but do it in small samples to get a effect your satisfied with . 

  55. I mix my Coconut Oil with Aloe Vera Gel.  I place 2 ozs. of Coconut Oil and 2 ozs. of Fruit of the Earth Aloe Vera Gel, in a mixing bowl.  Then I just whip it together, using a hand mixer.  Within minutes, it is light and fluffy, plus cooling and soothing, due to the Aloe in it. 

      • Coconut Oil with Fruit of the Earth Aloe Gel, is totally amazing.  I also like to whip 2 ozs. of Coconut Oil, 1 oz. of Aloe Vera Gel, (use Fruit of the Earth brand), and 1 oz. of Fractionated Coconut Oil, or 1 oz. of
         Grapeseed Oil.  It is also a nice combination.

  56. Hi, I always thought you had to mix hard oils with soft in order to achieve this type of texture? (75/25%) I’m wondering how it doesnt re-solidify when cold?

  57. I tried this recipe with my kitchenaid mixer.  After 12 minutes I gave up, my coconut oil never came to a whip like it shows in your pic.  Disappointed.

  58. i like this artical, making shea butter, in fact i like it so much , im going to use this recipe. amagine whipped shea butter, who knew.

  59. I love coconut oil.  It is the best for alot of things.  But I tried whipping it in my
    Bosch with the whips and it does not work.  Don’t waste your time.  Sorry, I wish it did work, because it would be greatest.

  60. love love loveee coconut oil. I didn’t see anyone mention this, but its great on hair as well.
    my ends are sadly damaged, and coconut oil really tames them down and keeps them soft (: 

  61. I wonder if this would work for my husband’s “trench foot”. He’s a chef on his feet 12 hours a day, 6 days a week, and gets open sores and other foot problems to the point he can hardly walk. The doc’s have given him prescriptions but nothing’s really helped. I like the idea of melting the oil and having him soak his feet in bags. Just need to find bags big enough…

  62. I made this last night, it looks nothing like yours, and this morning it was hard again.. What am I doing wrong? What type of coconut oil do you use?

    • I used expeller pressed coconut oil, but the type of coconut oil shouldn’t matter much. If it didn’t whip, it’s most likely an issue of heat, because even if it gets just a little too warm, it won’t whip up at all and will harden up as usual when it cools.

  63. does whipping it make it less oily? i’ve been using coconut oil straight but am getting tired of finding grease spots everywhere, and having it get on my glasses!

    • I would say whipping the oil does make it easier to use less of it, since it is aerated and somewhat easier to spread. However, it is still oil and can be oily if you use too much. One suggestion I can make is to use a very small amount on damp skin. This tends to help it absorb and won’t leave a residue that will rub off on clothes, glasses, etc.

  64. Don’t try it in the summer!!!!! I live in Greece with 30 degrees celsious.
    It stays liquid and so I had to freeze it with ice cubes. It looked great but after 5 minutes it started melting again!

  65. I love the idea of this recipe, But I am finding that it won’t whip up for me. I;m assuming that it is because it is simply to warm (about 80 degrees Fahrenheit) . I put the mixture into the fridge and I’m going to wait for a cooler climate to try it again.

        • Had the same problem with blackheads, clogged, and enlarged pores…….a friends mother who is 83 and has beautiful skin gave me this tip….washes her face every day with BAKING SODA! Tablespoon or two in hand…add couple drops of water to make paste…wash face…is drying but CO helps. Pores and blackheads minimized greatly!

  66. awesome site! I found you through a friends pin. I will definitely try this. I make lotion bars with coconut oil, beeswax, and shea butter, but this sounds awesome too.

  67. I use coconut oil in the shower every day for the KP on my arms. It definitely helps soothe the bumps. The product I use is located in the beauty products aisle at Fruitful Yield and it’s their own NOW brand. It has no odor and it soaks right into my skin…no rubbing off on the sheets or clothes. I bought the food product once because it was cheaper, and it wasn’t the same at all…sticky and smelly! I’m going to try whipping the coconut oil I use because the Chicago winters really solidify the oil. Thanks for the tip.

    PS – I tried to access your resources link, but it wanted me to sign up for a Blogger account to see the list.

    • Thanks for the tips about choosing a good coconut oil products. I notice there are definitely differences between sources. Sorry my resources page isn’t working for you. I’m not sure why, but occasionally it just doesn’t work at all for someone!

  68. I just whipped up (no pun intended!) a batch and although mine is more a lotion consistency (probably related to heat), I still love it! I used 1 cup coconut oil and 1tsp sweet almond oil (didn’t have vitamin E). Next time, I’ll try whipping it on top of a bowl of ice!

  69. This looks amazing and I have to try it. Coconut oil also made my hair shine like crazy. Just be warned if you put to much you’ll dripping all day.

    Quick tip: I used to keep my coconut oil in the winter by placing it near the radiator. It usually stayed liquid during the fall and spring months by placing it in front of the window (the glass acts almost like a magnifying glass like the old magnifying glass on a leaf trick).

  70. I just tried this using 3 different mixers and my liquid extra virgin coconut oil did not whip up. Please help! I really want to make this. Thanks! -Aimee

  71. Thank you for this! I have used coconut oil for a few years now for my eczema. It helps to heal my skin and is the only thing that doesn’t leave that heavy and irritating feeling after. I had the same problem of my coconut oil either being melted completely in the summer or hard as a rock in the cool months and needing to be scrapped out with finger nails…. kind of ruins that pampering feeling. I just whipped up a batch and was thrilled to see how nice and light it turned out! Scooped it into a cute little mason jar and can’t wait to start using it on a regular basis. I used a small amount of vitamin E oil (my skin needs as much nourishment as possible) and some vanilla extract and the smell is heavenly!
    Thanks for the post!

  72. great recipe. be sure to use a popsicle stick or small spoon to dish it out, as the bacteria on your fingers will eventually deteriorate the oils.

  73. Hi, I tried this recipe for the coconut body butter recipe in my kitchen aid mixer yesterday. I ran into some problems though.. I beat the ingredients like suggested, but it wouldn’t set up. I watched some you tube videos and saw them put the mixing bowl with the ingredients in the freezer for 20 mins. this worked and It finally whipped up. I also added 1 Tbsp. of cornstarch as one of the videos indicated. I am storing it in the refrigerator because when I take it out for any length of time it returns to oil form. Any suggestions? It is also just like baby oil when applied, was this your result as well?

    • Glad to hear the freezer method worked for you! If your home is warmer than 76 degrees F, then the whipped coconut oil will melt back into liquid oil. I do find coconut oil to be oily when applied if I use too much. I use very little–usually on damp skin after a shower–and this seems to prevent greasiness.

  74. Great! I was having the same issue with my hard coconut oil. Do you think it would still whip with my ingredients for my homemade toothpaste( baking soda, peppermint oil, coconut oil, and xylitol) Because my toothpaste has been rock hard since the cold moved in. :(

  75. Maybe one should put the metal kitchen aid metal bowl and beater in the fridge to get cold before you whip the coconut oil? Would love to try this for my hubbies chronic eczema. Will put a little tea tree oil in it. Thanks for the recipe! I just started using coconut oil for cooking.

  76. Thank you so much for this recipe. My daughter and I had fun while making the bodu butter. I never realized all of the uses coconut oil had.

  77. Have you tried this for stretch marks, particularly for preventing them? I’m pregnant and looking for a good moisturizer. Also, I am wondering if you know if it is safe to use during pregnancy. I’ll ask my doctor, but I’d love your thoughts. Thanks!

    • Obviously I’m not a doctor and can’t give medical advice. 😉

      However, in my personal opinion, there couldn’t be a moisturizer safer than coconut oil–it’s food after all! Considering your skin absorbs a great deal of what you put on it, avoiding commercial moisturizing products can definitely have its benefits.

      I don’t have any experience with using coconut oil to prevent stretch marks. Unfortunately, I didn’t learn about coconut oil and real food until I’d already had my two children. Too bad, because I definitely got my share of stretch marks during my pregnancies!

    • That’s actually when I first started using it. I had a 9 1/2 lb baby and didn’t get a single new stretch mark. Then after you have the baby, coconut oil is great for preventing diaper rash.

  78. Hi,
    Wondering how much 1 cup of coconut oil whips up to being? I want to make this as a gift, but I don’t want to go too crazy and end up with too much.

  79. I have some Monoi de Tahiti coconut oil, which is just a coconut oil infused with Gardenia flowers. It smells heavenly! I’m going to use it to make some now. Thanks for the information.

  80. I’m 71 and have been using organic coconut oil after my showers which has helped my crepey skin greatly! Also mix it with lavender oil and Vit E oil plus crushed magnesium tablets and apply to my husband’s feet which has helped his restless legs at night.

  81. Coconut oil has so many amazing benefits for your health and your skin. I am so in love with the results that I have received, that I am now selling my body butter in a store. The fat in the coconut oil can also help repair damaged skin cells as well. I first started using it for my stretch marks and after only a week, my stretch marks had already faded so much. You can also use it as a face scrub. Just mix one melted tsp with equal parts of baking soda and use as a mild face scrub. Watch those wrinkles start melting away after consistent use. The coconut oil acts as a moisturizer and absorbs into your skin after about 10 mins or so.

  82. Can you do this with any other oil? I have terribly dry skin and would love to try something like this, but I’m deathly allergic to everything coconut, to the point where the smell makes my throat close.

  83. does this recipe work with fractionated coconut oil (by doTerra, it doesn’t get hard, stays in liquid form) I so want to do this!!!! I love my oils!!

  84. Do you think if I melt some cocoa butter and add it while whipping the coconut oil it will help the temperature stability since cocoa butter is hard?

  85. I love this idea! But when I whipped it in my kitchenaid it didn’t get the consistency yours did…mine was more of a thick soup like…any tips? I whipped it on high for about 7-10 min. Thanks so much!

  86. Hi, I wanted to ask what would whiping it do? If you put it back in the fridge doesn’t it harden up and you’re back at square one?
    Sorry if this is an obvious one…I’m new to coconut oil, please don’t be harsh :(

    • Whipping aerates the coconut oil and adds tiny air pockets, which tends to make it a little more stable in cooler temperatures. Whipped coconut oil still tends to harden in very cold temperatures, but not as much as it does if you don’t whip it. It definitely makes it more spreadable and easy to get out of the container.

    • That’s a great question! The coconut oil has to be solid in order to whip it up (it won’t whip as a liquid). If it’s too hard to get out of the jar, I suggest warming it up enough to get it out of the container. Then, put it in the mixing bowl and refrigerate until it’s solid enough to whip.

      • I had to melt most of my coconut oil to even get it out of the jar. I started trying to whip it, but found out after a few minutes of frustration that liquid won’t whip. Can I put it in the fridge to harden a bit and then try whipping again or am I screwed?

  87. I’m working on “whipping” up the coconut oil and essential oil and it’s not getting a whipped texture. Am I doing something wrong??

  88. So I made this lotion but did not realize it hardens and I put it in squeeze bottles as gifts, I guess I should use jars instead? And also is there a way to make it softer?

    • Jars are definitely a must. Whipping keeps it aerated so it is a little more spreadable, but it definitely does not maintain a lotion consistency. You can make lotion with coconut oil, but it’s a little more complex and I’ve yet to try that myself.

      • I just tried it – added a little shea butter and jojoba oil as I was whipping the coconut oil and put it in jars (didn’t have any squeeze bottles) – I’ll try to remember to update in a few weeks to let you know if it solidified again. The shea left an amazing lasting feeling on the skin!!

    • Humangear (I don’t sell them, I promise!) makes wonderful, reusable squeeze tubes. I whipped some coconut oil and stored it in these containers, and even though it’s winter here in MN, it hasn’t yet been too hard to squeeze some out! Here’s a link to their page:

  89. It whips up pretty good with just a hand mixer if you don’t have a kitchen aid mixer. I LOVE THIS STUFF! Also I replaced vegetable oil with whipped coconut oil in a carrot cake recipe and it was YUMMY!!! Thank You!

  90. I JUST made a little mason jar of this and it is absolutely divine. I wanted to test it out before giving some away for Christmas gifts, so I didn’t use any essential oils yet. The coconut oil goes on and soaks in well, but definitely has a strong scent. I am so excited to make these for friends and family this week…with essential oil of course! :) Thank you for a fantastic recipe!!

  91. Help! when I put mine into the glass jar it started to liquify. When you put it on your skin is it suppose to start to liquify? What did I do wrong?

  92. Hello, I made this today and it worked really well. I substituted grape seed oil for the vitamin e and made two batched and put it in 1/2 pint mason jars for gifts. I used orange and lemon essential oils – smells and feels divine. Thanks for the recipe, so many others on the web call to add Shea butter which I would love to try sometime but this was quick, easy, and affordable :-)

  93. I love it too and never thought of whipping it to make it easier to apply. Thanks for the tip. I have used it for making popcorn on the stove and in my baking as well. I love smelling like a coconut cream pie!!!

  94. Loving this! Tried it for the first time today, I love it, but still gonna do some tweaking for the next batch.

    I’m thinking: Coconut oil, vit E, strong coffee (skin firming and cellulite killer), and maybe sweet almond oil? Any thoughts?

    Making coconut oil part of my life is a big thing for my New Years resolutions. Tried conditioner first, loved it. Then adding it to food, even better. And now I’m venturing into skin care!

      • Just made some with green tea for my face, came together really nicely! I used: a teaspoon of spearmint green tea (squeezed from the bag), half a teaspoon of honey and two tablespoons of coconut oil. Took a lil longer to mix, but has stayed together.

        If I can make one that smells like chai tea, I’ll need a warehouse of coconut oil with how much I’ll use it!

          • I’m sure you’ll come up with something spectacular!

            Since using coconut oil on my skin/hair, I have a lot less redness in my cheeks and no darkness around my eyes. My hair is much softer, and looks darker for some reason? I’m gonna have to get some sun this summer, pale as a ghost now! 😀

  95. I live in Canada, where winters are long and summers are short. I cannot thank you enjoy for writing this! Made coconut oil application so much easier and I don’t have to dig it into the tub with my spoon!! :)

  96. I just tried this and had no luck whipping it up. Any tricks to it? My oil was melted down because I had just used it for my hair, does it need to be solid before whipping?

  97. OH MY GOSH! I have so many questions. I have read through some comments so I don’t ask a question already answered, so please forgive me if I do ask a repeat question! I am new at learning about the virtues of coconut oil.

    Questions: 1) When you use it on your hair, do you just rinse it out like a regular conditioner or do you shampoo it out?

    2) When you use it for a moisturizer on your face, do you leave it on, or rinse it off? Seems strange to put oil on my face, feel as if I will break out like crazy!

    3) Also saw someone uses CO mixed with baking soda for a scrub, in this case do you rinse it off, wash it off, or leave it alone?

    4) When cooking/baking with CO, do you use the same measurements? Also, does CO “replace” shortening (Crisco) in recipes, or just use CO for some things such as baking, but not use to fry or saute meat or whatnot?

    THANK YOU SOOO MUCH for your help and to all of the readers with their recipes and suggestions as well!! Anxious to learn more!

    • Hi Myra, great questions! I’ll answer them in order:

      1) It depends on your hair type and how much oil you use. Most people massage the oil into their hair, wait 30-60 min, then shampoo it out. Those with dry hair might add a tiny bit back into their hair after showering.

      2) I leave it on my face like a regular moisturizer. A very light layer does the job and doesn’t cause break-outs for me (which is cool–my skin is acne-prone).

      3) Coconut oil and baking soda should be rinsed off (or washed off) completely–do whatever feels more natural to you. An acidic toner (like diluted lemon juice or apple cider vinegar) should be used afterward to bring pH balance back to the skin.

      4) Coconut oil replaces other oils/fats/shortenings equally. It’s great to fry, bake, saute, etc. I fry chicken tenders in it! Delicious.

      And you’re welcome, so glad you’re enjoying the blog! :)

  98. I have “winter skin” which i hate. I put lotion on at least 5-8 times a day. Then my hands burn from it. I love 1 ingredient !

    • I know what you mean! Sometimes conventional lotions (even the “natural” ones) have additives that harm more than the good ingredients help. It’s always a blessing to find something natural that works!

  99. Instead of using vitamin e oil. Can i just use my actual vitamin e? pop it and put it into the mixture? Excited to try this. I just cant picture it getting so thick and whipped up like that with no other ingredients! Interested to try. Thanks for the post!!

  100. i just made this! and i love it. i made a small batch to test out first, just coconut oil and vitamin E oil. I’m thinking about throwing in some new stuff on the next batch to experiment a bit, maybe some jojoba oil for extra moisturizing benefits? and i would LOVE to mix in some vanilla scent …coconut-vanilla body butter?!?! heavenly.
    one question for people who have tried this…is it super oily on the skin or does it absorb fairly quickly? i mean I just put it on (and kinda layered it up, i used the extra in the bowl/whisker so i wouldn’t waste any!) but it is sort of sitting on my skin and pretty is greasy feeling. I don’t mind it right now but would be good to know if you’re putting it on before going out!

    • I’ve noticed that if you feel greasy, it means you can use a lot less. Coconut oil goes a long way if you massage just a little into the skin. Any time I’ve felt it was too greasy, I cut back on the amount I was using and it absorbed much more easily into my skin. As they say, less is more!

  101. Thank you for this! I just read the post this morning and went into my kitchen and made it. So. Easy! I decided to add a few things because I don’t like the smell of coconut, I don’t have any vitamin E oil on hand, and I wanted to boost its skin-loving-ness. So I added a bit of raw, local honey, calendula oil, rosemary oil, vanilla oil, and lavender oil. And something else I did that I wouldn’t necessarily recommend – I added some baking soda. I knew it would make it feel gritty, but I’ve heard so many amazing things that baking soda does for your body, so I went for it! It’s not that bad.
    Question: Do you find that it soaks into the skin easily, or does it leave you feeling greasy? I may have added too much oil….

    Thanks again!

  102. Hi! I just found your post on pinterest and I am very intrigued by coconut oil. Can you tell me where you buy yours? I am just not sure where to start looking for it.

  103. What a great idea! I get so aggravated trying to cook with coconut oil when I only need a small amount. I’m going to whip some for the kitchen counter AND for skin moisturizing. My husband and son LOVE coconut oil as a moisturizer. They put the hard oil into a plastic bowl and melt it by putting it on top of the fridge for a few hours. When it is totally liquid, it goes into a cool spot where it will solidify again. Then they just pop it out of the plastic bowl and it’s like a lotion bar. I don’t use it, though, because it feels too greasy. I think I’ll like the whipped coconut oil with some shea butter and EO! 😀

  104. Im not sure if I like this or not. I got the 76 degree coconut but I think my house is too warm. It dont want to set up pretty like yours. I think next time I will try the 92 degree. I like the way it feels and hydrates my skin but as soon as I touch it to get it out of my container it melts before I can get it out. Im sure its a heat issue as u have told others. Not giving up though. Next I will try the other.

    • If it’s liquid, then it’s probably too warm. It will only whip if it stays cool enough to remain solid. Some readers have had success with putting the coconut oil in a bowl and refrigerating it first.

  105. I made this for the 1st time & added Bood orange essential oil but I find the oil smell is overpowered by the coconut smell. Am I doing something wrong. Otherwise love how it whipped into creaminess.

  106. I love whipping coconut oil by itself in my kitchenaid and making enough at one time to have it at both homes. Its easy to keep in the fridge for hot summers and feels like heaven on my skin in the heat when applying it after a shower. You can add lavender, melaleuca, argan, marajuca oil or another all natural, organic oil that you love for anti-aging and softness. Adding a couple drops to coconut butter you plan on keeping in the fridge will also keep it from becoming to solid.

  107. This is a great recipe! I also used my KitchenAid and the coconut oil whipped up perfectly. It’s also way easier to use in this state. Thank you very much!

  108. I made a small batch today. I used about a cup of CO out of the jar, put it in the Kitchen Aid mixer and it whipped up beautifully. It did almost double in size. I put it into 2 small Mason jars and cleaned the bowl and whisk, putting that on my face to remove my make up and then slathered the rest on my face, elbows, and hands. It is amazing! What a great post. Thank you.

  109. Been using cocnut oil for 2 months now and it has totally changed my skin i had a lot of sun damage and i have almost an even complection now I use it 2times daily and the fine lines and wrinkles are gone i didnt have this success with retinol.i have always uesed store products and was very sceptical a natural product would work the trick u have to use it everyday and i started taking it a spoonful aday and have dropped 23 pds .I’m a believer in the cococnut oil now. i bought the walmart kind 10.00 virgin coconut oil.Oh and a lip plumper u want believe..

  110. Wow this is so easy to do… Since expecting with child number 2 nothing is working. I am tired of buying lotion that doesn’t work! I am going to make a bunch (no vitamin E since it’s not in the house) Thanks!

  111. I’m not sure if I bought the same product that you have. My Coconut Oil is hard like candle wax. I can’t imagine putting this hard block in my Kitchen Aid and it actually turning out like the picture. Help me understand the process.

    Thank you in advance,

  112. I made a batch of this last night…but I CANNOT stand the smell of the coconut oil!!! It is way too strong, so I was wondering how many drops of essential oil I should put in (and any scent suggestions would be great too) to mask the smell of the coconut oil without turning into an oily mess! Thanks!

    • @Katie D: You can actually buy RBD Coconut Oil (Refined, Bleached, Deoderized) from various online soapmaking suppliers – there’s no smell to it whatsoever.

      • Ok, thank you Sandy! I’ll keep that in mind for next time, but is there anything I can do for the batch I already made? I’d rather not throw it out and waste it! :)

  113. I just love making whipped extra virgin coconut oil body butter – not just for myself, but family and friends are crazy about it, too.

    When I make a big batch during Winter, I warm it slightly over a water bath to soften it, then add up to 50% liquid oil/s like Shea Oil, Olive Oil, Hazelnut, Macadamia, Rice Bran Oil, etc, or a combination of different oils – whatever you’ve got on hand.

    I might add a squirt of Vitamin E in case I’m adding any liquid oils with a shorter shelf life, just to help delay potential rancidity – not something I’ve come across in Winter, though.

    I whip it savagely for several minutes with a simple electric hand beater, then put it in the freezer for a couple (just a couple!) minutes at a time to help it thicken, then whip savagely again – rinse, repeat. I usually push my luck and repeat the process for anything up to half an hour or more, depending on the weather, until it’s oh-so-light, white and fluffy that it makes me want to just swim in it.

    Yes, the coconut oil whines, whimpers and begs to be allowed to retreat back to its rock hard state, but, for the ‘coconut oil battle weary’, I’ve found that adding up to 50% (perhaps more if you live somewhere like Alaska – experiment to find what works for you!) of liquid oils to the mix, makes coconut oil feel like it’s wrapped in warm blankets – they help coax it into relaxing and remaining softer and more pliable :)

  114. Do you have a problem with the oil residue remaining on clothings, sheets, etc? I use straight up pure (as in, home made) coconut oil for my son’s eczema (it works wonders to prevent it) but I find that no matter how well I wash his sheets and pjs, they eventually start smelling like the oil, and eventually the smell becomes a rancid smell. it is so bad that I’m going to have to get rid of one of his shirts that it absolutely will NOT wash out of.

    There are no stains, and those would not bother me. But the rancid smell is really unbearable! (the oil itself is totally fresh and lovely, don’t get me wrong!)

    • Hmm, I haven’t had a problem with this. I’ve used it on my skin for several weeks at a time and never noticed a smell build up on my clothes (then again, I do mostly use refined coconut oil, so I wonder if that makes a difference).

  115. I haven’t used coconut oil on my skin yet and I’m very curious about it. I have been breaking out (I’m 33), probably due to my new passion for working out and I tend to have combination/oily skin and it just feels weird to think that coconut oil will work on my face? Reading through some of the comments it seems this is the case, but I’m curious if it really clears up breakouts on people that tend to have oily skin already? Also, my son has eczema on his cheeks, outer arms, and outer legs and I’m wondering if this would help as well?

  116. I tried it and it worked perfect…I did put my in fridge for a couple hours 1st. I added some to a bowl with a little bit of olive oil and whipped away. It came out creamy and question I read somewhere about adding beeswax to it and that would help keep it from melting. do you know how much I should add to 8 ou..??

    • Good question! I’m no expert on beeswax, but I think a 1:4 ratio of beeswax to oil is pretty common for recipes like these. I do believe you might have to melt it with some oil to mix it first, but again, this isn’t my area of expertise.

  117. I love coconut oil for my homemade lotion bars!! Feels amazing and works great for my ecxema prone skin :)

  118. I have to try this recipe. I recently purchased Trader Joe’s Coconut Body Butter and fell in love with the scent. Unfortunately, my daughter and I went through it in less than a week. I will try this and play around with EOs. Thanks for the post.

    • Awesome! In your warm climate, cocoa or shea butter might whip up better. I’ve been experimenting with a mixture of coconut oil and cocoa butter that is a little more heat stable this time of year.

  119. Have you ever tried adding Shea butter or cocoa butter? I love this recipe for nighttime use but I find it a little too oily for day. I am trying to determine how much to much too add. Thanks

  120. What is the yield on this recipe? I’d love to make it as a shower gift, but I need to make 30 small jars.


  121. I made this and it looks great. I’m putting it in the fridge to solidify it a bit. I wanted to make sure I understand, should this be applied to damp skin only? It seems very oily. Maybe it will be more lotion/butter like after solidifying?

    • You can apply at any time, I personally find it absorbs better after a hot shower or bath, and my skin is still a little damp. It will always have somewhat of an oily texture, though.

  122. This looks very easy to make. Will Give it a try. Can i also use this for my baby( almost 2 yrs now)? I also know not all essential oils are suitable for kids. Any suggestion of baby friendly essential oil will be welcome.

  123. Hello! Where do you buy your glass jars for this recipe? Do you buy the Radiant Life Coconut Oil off of the village green network’s website? Thank you! :)

    • I just use leftover glass jars from coconut oil or raw honey, etc. You can also use mason jars. I’ve used a lot of brands of coconut, and most are pretty good. Radiant Life definitely has good quality oil.

  124. I love coconut oil too , I made baby lotion, vit E and coconut for another lotion . When I run out of this I will make this. I didn’t know it was good for acne too, I’m going to try to convince my teenaged boys and hubby who gets sereve dry red skin sometimes to use it. Ty !

  125. Hey there, I am hoping not to repeat any previous questions asked. I tried to read through as many as possible. I made some coconut oil body cream tonight which whipped up beautifully, but when I put it into the refrigerator it turned rock hard within 30 minutes. I used coconut oil with a few drops of eucalyptus oil. I whipped if for appx 6 minutes and it was perfect until I placed it into the refrigerator. Any ideas what went wrong?

  126. I tried this today and couldn’t get it to whip. I used Dr. Bronners coconut oil in a solid state and used my Kitchenaid mixer. Any idea why it wouldn’t have worked?

    • In my experience, if it gets even a little too warm, it won’t whip. You can try putting it in the freezer for a few minutes first, or using a mix of cocoa butter or shea butter (both of which don’t melt as easily).

  127. coconut oil is also a natural sunscreen … and so is Shea butter. Plenty to play with here! I am glad to know about the whipping, bcz I live in a warm place and would like to have mine less liquid so I can apply a bit less than a runny palmful. Thank you!

  128. Just found your site today! I’ve been on it for hours! Can’t wait to try the coconut body butter and experiment with some essential oils. Thank you so much!

  129. OMG! I came across this recipe, went to the store to buy coconut oil. I came home and “whipped” up a batch. This is heavenly! I’m hoping that it will also help my son who has psoriasis. Thank you for posting!

  130. I am having a heck of a time getting it to fluff up. It is still very juicey and watery rather than fluffy. Any tips?

  131. I am a professional massage therapist and have tried using coconut oil for massages but never with much luck. Hard to melt efficiently in the room and the hard, gloppy stuff too messy. But WOW this body butter is the perfect consistency to put in a squirt bottle and use. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this idea. So great to finally be able to use the oil the way I want. Thank you for this idea!

  132. Hello, I tried this and it whipped up quite nicely but it melted : (
    Initially I put it in the fridge as I remembered you had sad that it may do so in the summer months, but it turned rock solid in the fridge. Does it matter if the coconut oil is refined or not?

    • Sorry about that! During the summer, I find mixing cocoa butter or shea butter with the coconut oil helps keep it stable. (Refined or unrefined coconut oil doesn’t matter–the melting temp is the same.)

    • I think 3 months is a good rule of thumb for homemade cosmetics, but to be honest I get through mine a lot quicker than that! Plus I know a lot of folks whose coconut oil lasts for a year or more on the shelf, so my personal opinion is that this stuff would last a while.

  133. What is the smell like compared to store brand coconut body butter’s. Does it smell stronger of coconut, the same, or less??

  134. I have not been a coconut oil user, but my Mom was, she recently passed, cancer dx, and it sort of makes me feel good to read everyone posts, she was a RN and I am a RN, but she chose a lot of holistic things, that I am glad to see others are using and embracing as well.

  135. How long will this stay good? I want to make some for Christmas gifts. Also is there a better coconut oil to use than others? Thank you!!!

    • Coconut oil has an amazingly long shelf life, so this will be good to use for a while (I will say 3 months to play it safe, but in reality probably a lot longer than that!). You can use any coconut oil, but virgin coconut oil can be especially good if you like the coconut scent.

  136. I made this and love it. Is there any way to get rid if the tiny balls of hard coconut oil that wouldn’t whip? I know the heat of your skin melts them in time but rubbing it on at first leaves all these teeny tiny hard balls on the skin. It would feel so much more smooth and go on easier if they were not there.

  137. Hello, I’ve been wanting to try this for some time now and finally got around to doing it. My coconut oil as solid at room temperature so I whipped it with a hand held mixer without refrigerating it and it whipped beautifully! I then placed it in my bathroom which was a little cooler than my dining room. And after about 5-6 hours it had hardened to it’s original state! I thought that it wouldn’t solidify unless it gets really cold, did I do something wrong? perhaps adding a carrier oil like almond would keep it soft? Would love to hear some feedback!

  138. Thank you thank you thank you for posting this. I get horribly dry skin the winter that itches unbearably. I scratch until I bleed sometimes! But I made up a jar of this and I use it to shave and as a moisturizer and my skin has been ten times better, no itchy dryness. It’s a total 180 degree change. :)

  139. Hello, I am new to your blog but love it. I have made this wonderful lotion but instead of adding essential oils that bothers my daughters sensitive skin I add pure vanilla extract and have gotten great results! I also use the vanilla in soap making and works great a well… :-)

  140. OMG- I am SO glad that I discovered this recipe! I have been having the same conversation in my head about coconut oil and regular lotions – it was as if I was reading my own thoughts! I am super excited to give this a try!

  141. I pinned this a few months ago knowing that I’d want it in the winter! Turns out winter isn’t why made me finally try it. See I have a horrid contact allergy to latex and silly me put on a pair of latex gloves to help fix the potty my 2 yo flushed a block in. Needless to say while I’m thankful my hands were covered I’m rather regretting the latex now. My hands are sudden raw and horribly irritated, commercial lotions an such including the RX ones all make my skin burn when I put them on and they don’t seem to help at all… So I found this in my pins and give it a shot tonight. I am officially in LOVE!!!!
    My hands feel so much better, my eczema on my arms is soothed, my dry cracked elbows feel better and my face is in heaven! I’m a believer for sure now!!! I can’t begin to thank you enough for this post! I used the 1 cup coconut oil (I did have to let it warm a but first since it was way to cold to even chip out of the glass jar) an I put in about a tablespoon and a half of vitamin E oil (oops my dog bumped me while I was pouring) but it still turned out fantastic. Its greasy at first but the more you rub it in and the more time it has to soak in the better it gets. My coconut oil has barely a smell too it so its not overpowering at all. And for the amount you get this is far worth the price over the basket of expensive creams I have for my households skin issues with no chemicals! I am going to try this on my boys tomorrow and see how it works for their eczema too!!! Thank you a thousand times!!!

  142. Elizabeth, It is very cold this time of year where I live. I am excited to try the whipped coconut oil, but concerned with the consistency and ruining my mixer! Instructions say not to melt the coconut oil, however, its pretty solid at this point and I can’t imagine it “whipping.” Can you please elaborate on a good consistency for whipping this product? Very excited to have found your website via amazing sources of healthy life and living!!

    • You can soften it a little to get the oil to “cooperate” but it really will soften in the mixer, which is why you need to start with solid oil. The mixer will produce a slight amount of heat that is enough to soften the oil up, so if you start with softened oil it can actually melt, which will prevent whipping.

  143. Just tried this with a little Cuisinart hand mixer – a little tricky to get all the solid oil to whip without getting it all over the kitchen, but it did work! Thanks so much for posting this; my hands have been wrecked from chilly bike commutes and cleaning and this makes the rugged longshoreman look go away :)

    • I’ve noticed it depends on *how* cold it gets. Too cold and it will harden quite a bit–but not quite to its former rock-hard state. If it’s just a little cool, the whipped oil will harden a bit but still be soft enough to work with.

  144. I tried out this recipe and not sure if I did it right. The end product seems a little oily. Is it just me or is that how its supposed to be? Also does it depend on what kind of coconut oil you use? If you can please get back to me that would be great because I love making crafty stuff and when I seen this recipe I loved it and I just wanted to know if I was doing something wrong or something.

    • What do you mean by oily? It should still be a little oily since it’s just coconut oil, but if it’s not whipping properly it might be a little too warm. You can try refrigerating the mixing bowl for 10-20 minutes first. The type of coconut oil shouldn’t make a difference.

  145. Great recipe Elizabeth! Thank you so much!! I so want to do this! Question tho, how much does this yield? My husband and I want to know before I go buying coconut oil.

  146. Ohhh I was soo excited trying the coconut butter and I tried but it didn’t turn out right :-( I put the coconut oil in the mixer with some lovely mango & papaya fragrance and mixed it for 10 min. It just became liquid :-( What did I do wrong???

  147. hi….
    how can this whip be possible only with coconut oil??? coz in my country i only find oil in the state of oil itself…not hardened…if so how how can i whip?????????????????

  148. I have made this several times now using a hand mixer. I love how it makes my skin feel. What I don’t love is the how strong the coconut scent is. Have you ever tried making it with refined or expeller-pressed CO? And if so does it change the skin absorption?

  149. Ever consider using castor oil in any of your creams/etc. I have been using it in some of my creams and it is wonderful on the skin and absorbs nicely.

  150. actually, you should probably melt it first. when it’s mostly cooled, you start to whip it. If you use it cold, that’s when you get the chunks/lumps. I guess some people like that, but if you want it super-smooth, try the melt-than-cool way.

  151. I made this last night… and I can’t say enough goodvthings about this. I have been looking for a replacement ever since my favorite body cream was discontinued. Thank you for posting this.

  152. Does anyone know if Co helps with eczema. My girls have it all over their bodies (except for face thank god). Im looking for something that will sooth it Im tited of spending $20 a jar when they go through it so fast due to daily use. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  153. I also put high-grade, virgin coconut oil in my dog’s food. I started with a little at a time and now he gets regular doses. He’s a very large Doberman so he will eventually work up to 3 tablespoons a day. For smaller dogs, 1 teaspoon three times a day. My dog’s coat is glossy, his winter dry skin is gone and so is the dandruff. Also, he no longer gnaws at his feet. For further information, I refer you to the Whole Dog Journal, November 2013 issue, page 15.

  154. Tried this today. Love it! Added about 1 tsp of borage and calendula oils. Added extra 1/2 cup of the CO, and it whipped up very nicely. Skin was dry so it’s taking awhile to absorb, but should work absorb more quickly after a shower or with a damp washcloth.

    Thanks for sharing!!!!

  155. I can’t wait to try this!!! Also if more people ask about the Vitamin E, it is a natural preservative. So is Rosemary Oil Extract (ROE). I make many homemade beauty products and keep both items around. You are right about the Coconut Oil having a long self life, and either vitamin E or ROE helps keep it stable also. It is cheaper for me to buy the Vitamin E capsules and cut the end off of them and squeeze it out. About 10-12 capsules is what I would use for this application.

  156. Just tried this! Had grape seed oil and some lavender. As I was mixing, I had some organic coconut sugar and thought why not? Threw about a 1/2cup in and made it a mild scrub. Just used it on my hands and loved it! Can’t wait to try in shower!

  157. If you use co like this does it smell like coconuts? I’d love to try this! Where do you find the oils at to add to co?

    • Virgin coconut oil smells like coconut, so if you use that then yes, you’ll have coconut-scented body butter. Expeller-pressed coconut oil, however, does not have a strong scent, so that can be used if you don’t like the coconut smell.

      I order other oils to add to the mixture online typically. All my favorite resources are here:

  158. can you use this same process to make whipped hemp oil. I have an allergy to coconut. So I like the idea of natural homemade moisturizers

  159. OMGOODNESS! When reading your blog I was in the same boat of digging out the coconut oil from the jar and was getting so frustrated! I love the stuff so much for my skin I would of still wrestle with it because the stuff is amazing ! You are a genius to whip it up, I did it yesterday and I am love with my smaller jar of of all organic coconut oil! Thank you for the wonderful idea!

  160. I have made your recipe twice now, once with the vitamin E, and once without. Once with peppermint EO, and once with sweet orange EO. Both were wonderful! Thank you!

  161. Question: Do you know how coconut oil as moisturizer affects indoor tanning? I know some oils can burn your skin when used with a tanning bed, but so far the only natural moisturizer that has done wonders for my skin is coconut oil. I was searching how to make it more of a lotion consistency since I too had to pound at it with a spoon, melt in hand, apply, repeat 4,000 times for entire body. Thank you!

  162. Hi – Just wondering if you (or anyone) has tried making this with an immersion blender? (If you’re not sure what that is, see here: I love my immersion blender but occasionally it just won’t ‘do what it’s supposed to’* so figure I’d see if anyone else knows before I potentially waste a batch! (E.g. weirdly, using my immersion blender to mash potatoes leaves them with an almost elastic texture, and it won’t whip egg-whites into ‘frothy peaks’ like a regular hand or stand blender does). Thanks, Lynette

  163. I love, love, love Coconut Oil! I now use it to cleanse and moisturise and my skin feels wonderfully soft :)

    I do have a question though – I’ve been looking everywhere for a Coconut Oil Solid Cleansing bar – either to buy or make. Im travelling for 6 months and would love to have a big bar that did melt so easily when it gets hot. I’ve seen your coconut oil lotion bar, but I’m not sure if I feel comfortable using beeswax on my face (also, not sure how that’d fair with removing mascara either!)

    Do you have any suggestions?

  164. I just made this……it was everything and more then I thought it would be……….Thank you sooooo much for the recipe………….I put a few drops of Vitamin E and I used Lemon extract in mine and it was awesome……..I’m in the middle of making my lemon infused oil and the lemon extract was a great substitute….. I’m wondering if putting glycerin in it would i a bit thicker and glycerin is great for your skin???????

  165. Wow, what a simple but genius idea! I have coconut oil in my pantry and we just used it for popping popcorn last night – super versatile! Glad I popped over from the #SITSBlogging event this week!

  166. This stuff makes my skin feel AMAZING!!!!!!!! I did add a teaspoon of grape seed oil also. The sent is light and it isn’t greasey. I will never buy lotion again.

  167. How good is this for eczema? My face gets super dry and flaky. And I don’t wanna use steroid cream on my face especially after seeing the negative side effects of it on my feet. Also do you have to use a glass jar? Could I use a plastic container instead or will that not keep the lotion as preserved?

  168. HI thank you for sharing this… I have used coconut oil for years but I used it straight from the jar. After seeing your post, I whipped some up today and I am so happy. It looks so much better whipped.. Now I can give visually appealing gifts to my friends and family :)

  169. Just wondering if there is a way to store this to keep it light and fluffy? I live in a very hot climate , which reduces my whipped goodness back to runny oil very quickly. Storing in the fridge just makes it go rock solid! Help!

  170. just made some of this for my mom for mother’s day…. mind didnt get as whipped as the picture, but its more whipped than its original state! lol i used some peppermint oil in it so she can used it on her feets when they are feeling hot/sore/tired. :)

  171. love it!!! my coconut oil was soft so I measured out a cup first then put it in the fridge for about an hour. I added a teaspoon of grapeseed oil and used orange and vanilla essential oil so it smells like a creamsicle. it whipped up perfectly.

  172. I love the smell and feel of coconut oil on my skin. It works beautifully as a moisturizer. However, I spend a lot of time on our boat and spiders love marinas and coconut oil. I was like a spider magnet. So disappointing.

  173. I had natural african american hair, and I was wondering if I used this on my hair while its straightened will it revert back to its curly state ?

  174. Hi Elizabeth, thank you for this amazing recipe. I love to use coconut oil as a body lotion. The only thing I have found is that it leaves a funny, rancid smell on my clothes. Maybe this is because I get dressed immediately after I put the whipped oil on. Is there any way to avoid this unpleasant side effect? I really like the idea of making my own body lotion with simple ingredients of which I know the origin, and I don’t want to go back to body lotions bought from the store.

    Maybe applying it directly in when in the shower on wet skin would help?

    Thanks again for sharing this recipe with us.