Why I Drink Coffee Every Day


Coffee every day? You bet. There are some things we hate to love. And some we love to hate. Coffee is both. People talk about the evils of coffee in the same way they talk about addictions to meth or cocaine (or the so-called evils of sugar). Whether you drink it or not, you’ve likely been told over and over about the detriment of coffee consumption from one health guru or another.

I once believed that myth and quit drinking coffee completely for a couple of years. Now I drink coffee every day. Because I’m a hopeless addict? No. Because I sifted through the hype and learned about the health benefits of coffee.

Health benefits of coffee? Yes, they really do exist. And some are pretty cool. So here’s why I drink coffee every day:

  • Coffee is nutritious! It contains a lot of magnesium and B vitamins essential to our health and well being. I firmly believe it’s best to get nutrients from food sources if possible (supplements can be problematic for a variety of reasons), so coffee fits right into that equation.
  • I don’t like cancer. Drinking coffee every day is linked to a 25 percent lower endometrial cancer risk in women. Plus women who drink coffee daily are far less at risk for certain types of breast cancer (like up to 57 percent less!). More studies have shown coffee’s protective effects against skin cancer and colon cancer.
  • I do like my liver, and coffee may protect your liver. Studies show people who drink caffeinated coffee have lower markers of liver disease.
  • Thyroid health is paramount if you want to be healthy and feel well, and some research suggests coffee may play a key role in protecting you from thyroid disease.
  • Coffee drinkers are less likely to develop Parkinson’s disease, and coffee can help reduce symptoms in current Parkinson’s patients.

But the health benefits of coffee aren’t the only reason I indulge my java habit. Here are even more reasons I love drinking coffee every day…

  • It smells fantastic! Very few people I’ve met have told me they don’t love the aroma of fresh-brewed coffee. Forget air freshener. Just brew me a cup of joe.

Get my full “secret” coffee smoothie recipe HERE.

Of course, there are two sides to every story, even this one. As always, I recommend doing your own research and listening to your body when it comes to coffee–or food, exercise, and pretty much everything else in life!

Do you drink coffee? Do you think it’s a bad habit or a good one? Let me know what you think in the comments below!

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  1. Oh thank God! I love my morning coffee and I am tired of people telling me whats right or wrong for me. Thanks for the post!

  2. Love reading! But the Share thing that hangs on the right side of the blog is very annoying (sorry to use such a negative word) It cuts off the last 2-3 words of every sentence. And the only way to not have that happen is to squeeze the whole article above or below it. Would you ever consider moving it. You have the facebook, twitter, etc links in other places.

    • Sorry! It doesn’t do that for me at all, so I didn’t realize it was getting in the way for some of my readers until now. I believe it has to do with screen size/resolution, which is why it gets in the way for some but not others. I will consider removing it. Thanks for the heads up!

  3. We used to worry about my dad drinking maybe 8 or 10 cups a day. Mainly because he puts one teaspoon sugar and can milk. He’s 91 and still drinks coffee. I think I’ll drink more coffee.

    • For men, the iron inhibiting qualities of coffee can be very important, because high iron has been linked to serious heart risks in men. (Similarly, men who donate blood experience a lower risk because this also lowers their iron.)

  4. Nope, I don’t drink coffee except for the occasional organic, swiss-decaf, about once a month. The caffeine in coffee stresses the adrenals, my adrenals are stressed and the pick me up I get from caffeine comes at great cost to my adrenals functioning well. My husband drinks it most days and is just fine. But most of my (girl)friends depend on it to function well when tired or stressed. I’m pretty sure they’re doing more harm than good. And they like to discuss the health benefits, too :) Also the quality of the coffee is so important. The majority of people out there drink coffee laced with pesticides and mycotoxins. For liver health I prefer roasted dandelion root or chai with dandelion, burdock, astragalus, shatavari and other liver and adaptogenic herbs. Those are proven to support liver health, not just suspected to support it, and really have not drawbacks for anyone.

  5. I personally don’t drink coffee but only because I don’t feel right when I drink it. My husband drinks it and feels great and enjoys the health benefits. I think it is all a matter of listening to your body!

  6. i’ve been going back and forth about whether or not to drink coffee, which i LOVE!! my issue is my adrenals, just like rachel. i know coffee has great health benefits, but i’m thinking it can make adrenal issues worse. currently, i drink a cup a day, in the morning, but every once in a while i think about quitting. :-(

    • If you’re concerned, then definitely tune in to how you react when you drink coffee. Some people do better if they just drink a very small amount of coffee with a full meal (this generally eliminates any hypoglycemic affects). The time of day may also make a difference (since hormones fluctuate throughout the day). It’s something you can tweak to see if small changes make a difference. And in the end, it’s all about what’s right for your body in the state it’s in right now. That may mean coffee is okay for you, or not. It all depends!

    • If you have adrenal issues coffee should be a once in a blue moon treat. Coffee will really stress your adrenals. A better bet in am is Yerba Mate. Loaded with nutrients, vitamins and minerals it is actually beneficial for your adrenals. My naturopath suggested it to me and I drink one cup every morning with hydrolyzed gelatin and a tsp of raw honey. Very yummy. I used to add coconut oil, but after spilling a bit on myself a time or two and staining my clothes I get my coconut oil other ways now.

  7. I simply adore coffee, but I am such a terrible insomniac and get so physically addicted to the caffeine that I gave it up. When I do drink a decaf I enjoy it with real cream – what a treat!!!

    • Coffee with real cream is divine! When I had issues with my sleep, I did have to be careful with my coffee consumption (part of the reason I cut it out for a time). It’s always important to know your own body and what it can handle.

  8. Thanks so much for this. There are a lot of misconceptions out there about coffee. Personally, I drink water processed, organic decaf coffee because I love the taste and the small amount of caffeine in it is a pick me up for me. It is also interesting to note that coffee is one of the major source of antioxidants in the American diet, because so many people drink it. Some of these people don’t eat many fruits and vegetables in their pure form, so coffee adds some antioxidant protection for them.

    • Coffee’s nutritional benefits definitely give it an edge over most of the other beverages available commercially. Like you said, in a world where many people’s diets are almost entirely void of nutrition, coffee can make a difference.

  9. it seems that coffee has more benefits than determent’s. one would suspect that the determent’s are a product of added ingredients considering the tendencies of most name brand suppliers .

  10. I drink organic coffee mainly as it helps remove free radicals. I make it with distilled water (made at home using a stainless steel distiller) and drink two large mugs of it with 8 oz. of whole goat’s milk. This is breakfast. Yum! In 1982 I was diagnosed with Environmental Disease /Illness with Multiple Chemical allergies. Coffee and distilled water have been hugely responsible for my staying healthy.

    • Great point about drinking coffee (or tea) as a social ritual, whether at home or going out with friends or family. These seemingly small traditions have been shown to positively affect our lives and how we handle stress.

  11. Hey you do exactly what I do with my coffee!
    But lately I’ve added even more…diatomaceous earth, gelatin, vanilla, butter plus coconut cream. It’s so heavenly rich and delicious. Coffee was giving me acid reflux so I had stopped drinking it daily then I switched to high altitude grown beans and no problem….ala the bulletproof exec’s info on coffee. Sometimes I use his coffee beans (very good but expensive), other times I just buy organic from whoever as long as it’s not shade grown in low altitudes. As long as it’s high altitude high caffeine I’m doing fabulous on coffee. Exactly the opposite of every preserve the adrenals article out there….

  12. Tried drinking coffee for a week. By the end of the week I couldn’t sleep at night. I was off the wall. I only had one weak cup in the AM

    • Yikes! That sounds awful. I am terrible without my sleep, and I try to eliminate anything that interferes with it. If caffeine is messing with your sleep, I definitely say ditch the caffeine! Sleep is much too important for your health.

  13. Wow. I really appreciate this post. Thank you! (Love references and good research!) I have Hashimotos – low thyroid – and as I whined to my doctor years ago about giving up coffee, he actually told me to drink a cup a day! Yay him!

    • You’re welcome, so glad you enjoyed this post! There is definitely some evidence that drinking coffee can help activate thyroid production, which can certainly be helpful for anyone with low thyroid function.

  14. I’ve been experimenting with coffee drinking, using our lovely low-tech Aeropress coffee maker. I am extremely sensitive to caffeine, however, and for the time being have switched to decaf, though some people (such as The Bulletproof Executive) say it’s not better, even if the water method is used. William Davis points out that coffee sensitivity often goes hand in hand with gluten sensitivity, so maybe it’s the coffee itself, not the caffeine? I’m trying to figure it out, because the list of positive things about coffee is indeed impressive. Thanks for the post!

    • I know Sarah from Health Home Economist mentioned she has a sensitivity specific to coffee, and that she can have tea or other caffeinated beverages without a problem. So coffee itself may not work for some individuals. But the interesting idea is that the caffeine in coffee could be the link to some of its benefits, so caffeine from other sources could also provide some benefits.

    • I keep hearing about the relationship between gluten and coffee. Are you sensitive to gluten? Have you quit drinking coffee and noticed any changes? Cheers!


      • My sister is full out Celiac…she has a crumb and is sick for about 6-8 hours straight, and she has no problems with coffee! She loves her coffee as she had to give up most of the foods she loved when she was diagnosed a couple years ago, it is something she enjoys very much!

  15. Coffee can be a little tricky for me. Too much and I’m very cranky. And I’ve also found that if I drink it in the morning on an empty stomach I get terrible headaches. BUT when I have one nice strong cup in the afternoon it is PERFECT! I think everyone is different and has different tolerances to the caffeine. I’m just so glad I finally found the perfect formula for me and that I still get to enjoy coffee.

    • It’s so good to know the “when” and “how much” when it comes to coffee. I also notice the right amount at the right time can resolve a lot of common issues with coffee. As they say, timing is everything!

  16. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!! Seriously, thank you. So much of the things you mention, I’ve felt instinctually, but when I read this article, I almost jumped for joy. It speaks of truth to me and as someone with some difficult health struggles, always searching for simple truths regarding whole diets and living, I so appreciated this article. Thank you. Now to devour your entire blog, lol.

  17. Thanks for this informative post. I LOVE coffee, and drink it daily! I’m even happier since I bought a $70.00 Cappuccino/ Espresso maker for $14.99 from Aldi! Raising my cup to my fellow coffeeholics lol!

  18. Interesting to me that you mentioned Magnesium benefits. I have noticed that I crave foods high in this and I really crave coffee. I did not know it was high in this mineral that I seem to need so much. So many people throw the baby out with the bath water and then feel a righteous indignation that they don’t drink coffee. They do this with a lot of foods and actually whole food groups. I did it too for years and now I realize that there are benefits that can often be overlooked and have found my balance. I really enjoy your writing. Mostly I enjoy your insights. You are a leading edger for sure. Keep up the good work. I appreciate it!

    • Thanks, Donna! For a few years, I also thought coffee was just plain bad, and didn’t know there were any benefits to drinking coffee at all–funny, no one ever mentioned the many studies that show coffee drinkers experience health benefits! Of course, there are always two sides to a story, but I do think it’s important to look at all the information and gauge how your own body reacts before deciding what works for you and what doesn’t.

  19. My Dr. said no coffee for me and I miss it. He also put me on gluten ,dairy and soy free diet He told me the body thinks its gluten . He has a video and its on his website explaining how and why . His name is David Clark and u can find him by just typing in his name on the Internet . He’s a very smart man hes a brain doctor and couple other degrees in other things including nutritionist . Would love to be able to drink coffee again What do I think about me drinking coffee again ? I know. I started drinking it again ,and I got all swollen up and I gained ten i pounds in two weeks from doing It again . And it took me one year to lose that ten pounds. Very discouraging ! 8-(

  20. What brands or kind of coffee do you buy? I am super new to coffee and know very little. I am a tea drinker :) but I love coffee, too. I know you should buy organic, not to buy blends, because of low quality of the bean, it is important about how it is roasted and something about mold… Lol. Told you I don’t know much. My brother is a coffee drinker and likes bullet proof coffee. It is kinda expensive, I know it is good stuff though, I’ve tasted it. Anyway, would appreciate some advice, Thanks!

  21. There is also the social side. Connecting with family and friends is mentally and emotionally healthy. Coffee is a great way to connect one on one or as a group.

  22. I love love coffee! However, I can’t have caffeine past 7:30PM so if I have a cup in the evening, it has to be decaf (preferably Swiss water processed & from good quality beans). Also, if you drink tooo much coffee, it can raise your blood pressure, so I would watch the intake if you have any BP issues. I speak from experience here. Happy drinking!

  23. This is very interesting, thanks for this post! I’ve been off coffee for about 2 weeks and I still get headaches. I’ve replaced it with green tea. I have fibromyalgia so I’ve read countless places not to drink it. But I may try to have jus one cup a day and see how I do. I love it blended with some grass-fed ghee! High altitude, South American organic fair trade coffee has the lowest instance of mold for those wondering (info from the Bullettproof guy!).

  24. I use my Nespresso machine and use one of their decaf capsules as well as one of the regular caps and press each of them three times to get a large mug of coffee filled with heavy cream. I just ordered the liquid for the bullet-proof coffee. I hope I like that. Thanks for all your info.

  25. Everything in moderation! I used to drink 3 cups of coffee a day and started to notice that my skin looked ruddy. I have reduced my intake to 1-11/2 cups of organic black coffee a day and not have any caffeine once or twice a week (usually just once:) I also started my morning by drinking a LARGE glass of room temp. water before my coffee to keep my body hydrated. Water makes all the difference! Great article on coffee & thyroid btw.

  26. I’ve also read that it leads to a lower risk of Alzheimers disease! I used to ward off coffee, too, now it’s my daily morning ritual. All things in moderation, right!

  27. Non-organic coffee is one of the most dangerous thing you can indulge, because it is number one with grapes/raisins to carry the most amount of pesticides. These poisonous substance causes (and are stored in our body) all kind of diseases, from cancer to neurological diseases. So it does not matter if you try to avoid diseases and increase your health with coffee if its not organic. Otherwise you are doing the opposite.

  28. AMEN sister !
    I keep reading about the health benefits of coffee, organic or not:-)
    I say everything in moderation ( except coffee:-)
    I did hear that milk in coffee cuts the benefits & I wanted to get more coconut oil in my diet, so I use about a T of coconut oil .
    afternoons I drink tea :green , black , mixed.. it’s all good.
    Tea with a sprinkle of turmeric & ginger , great benefits :-)
    Also water with a big squirt of lemon , gets your body energized.

  29. Intriguing to me that you specified Magnesium advantages. I have seen that I hunger for nourishment high in this and I truly pine for espresso. I didn’t have any acquaintance with it was high in this mineral that I appear to need to such an extent. Such a variety of individuals toss the child out with the shower water and after that vibe a noble anger that they don’t drink espresso. They do this with a considerable measure of nourishment and entirely nutrition classes. I did it too for a considerable length of time and now I understand that there are advantages that can regularly be disregarded and have discovered my parity. I truly make the most of your written work. For the most part I make the most of your bits of knowledge. You are a main edger without a doubt. Keep doing awesome. I welcome it!

  30. I do trust the body should be in a better than average metabolic state to handle the caffeine in espresso. Utilizing caffeine as a prop to pardon not eating enough, not resting enough, working excessively, or practicing a lot of is unquestionably not useful for anybody’s well being. What’s more, shockingly many individuals use espresso along these lines.
    At the point when espresso is utilized with the backing of a decent eating regimen, sensible activity, and sound way of life propensities (i.e. getting enough rest, not exhausting yourself, and so forth.), then you can truly profit. It’s positively not the response to extraordinary well being all by itself.

    • I completely agree. Coffee or espresso can work in harmony with a healthy lifestyle, but it definitely can’t make up for not taking care of yourself mentally and physically (and could make it worse).

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