Why I Eat Raw Egg Yolks Every Day

Why I Eat Raw Egg Yolks Every Day

Have you heard the crazy news? I eat raw egg yolks every day.

Well, maybe not every day, but on most days, I include at least 2-3 raw egg yolks in my diet.

Eating raw eggs may not be what all the popular kids are doing, but since raw egg yolks are just brimming with beneficial nutrients I figure it’s worth the social stigma.

So, what makes egg yolks so special?

– Fat soluble vitamins are highly concentrated in egg yolks. This is where all the valuable vitamin A, D, E and K are stored. These are the vitamins that were revered in cultures studied by Weston A. Price.

– The yolk is also where you’re going to find plenty of B vitamins (like the very crucial B6 and B12, which many people are short on), plus minerals like calcium and zinc.

– Egg yolks are rich in cholesterol. And that’s a good thing! Cholesterol is imperative for hormone and neurotransmitter production (i.e. it keeps you feeling good), and is also crucial for the production of vitamin D. The latest studies like this one on eggs and cholesterol show that eggs are not a problem and everybody really jumped the gun on the whole eggs-will-kill-you thing.

– Yolks contain essential fatty acids like omega-3 DHA. Egg yolks, especially those from pastured chickens, have an excellent omega 3:6 ratio, too. There’s virtually no fat in the white, however.

– Egg yolks are also a great source of lecithin, which is great for your liver, your brain and your skin. Throw out your soy lecithin (it’s basically industrial waste) and get your lecithin from eggs!

But why eat raw egg yolks?

Here’s why raw can be better than cooked when it comes to egg yolks:

– Heat alters the nutrients in eggs and destroys the enzymes that help us assimilate them. Cooked eggs are still a decent source of nutrition, but eating raw egg yolks takes the nutrient-density to a whole new level. They are highly digestible and full of readily-available nutrients.

– Raw egg yolks are super gentle on the digestive system. In fact, raw egg yolks are one of the first foods available on the GAPS diet intro, which is for people who have severe health problems originating in the gut.

– In addition, eating raw egg yolks is much less likely to trigger an allergic reaction, so even sensitive individuals may be able to tolerate them.

Now, don’t get me wrong: I eat cooked eggs too, and I don’t think cooking totally destroys an egg’s nutritional value. But going raw has a few distinct benefits and you might as well take advantage of those every now and then, right?

Eating raw eggs? Yuck!

Don’t worry: you don’t have to eat them plain.

Despite what some sources say, I find it hard to believe that beating an egg yolk harms the nutrients inside (wouldn’t chewing also be detrimental?).

I usually blend mine into smoothies. It actually gives them that thick and creamy milkshake texture.

In fact, some insanely good ice cream recipes require eight (yes, eight) egg yolks!! (I’ve made this and I just whisk them into the cream mixture without cooking them if I want to keep the yolks raw.)

You can just blend some raw milk or kefir with a few egg yolks and natural sweetener like raw honey–it’s kind of like easy ice cream! Talk about satisfying a sweet tooth with something healthy. 😉

For my kids (who weirdly don’t like smoothies) I stir a yolk up with some organic peanut butter and raw honey. They don’t know the difference and they’ve asked for this snack quite a bit!

Why not eat raw egg whites?

There are differing opinions on this, but Nourishing Traditions is fairly adamant that raw egg whites aren’t something to eat every day because they contain anti-nutrients and enzyme inhibitors, and may cause digestive issues. These properties are neutralized by cooking.

UPDATE: I’ve since disregarded my fear of raw egg whites. The practice never fully “clicked” with me, and after some research I’ve determined that for most people eating a nutrient-dense diet and with a healthy digestive system, raw egg whites are probably not a big issue. Mercola explains some more on this here. It’s a personal decision, but it’s always good to hear both sides of an issue before deciding. And as always, listen to your body and see how your digestion feels after consuming raw whites.

Ok, so I eat raw egg yolks. But is it safe?

There is a LOT of heated debate out there about whether or not it’s safe to eat raw eggs. I’ve done some research myself, and here’s my take on the whole issue:

– According to Dr. Mercola’s web site, only 1 in 30,000 eggs even has a salmonella problem. If I eat three raw eggs a day, statistics say it would take more than 27 years before I’d actually run across one with salmonella. Of course, I know life isn’t about statistics, but you get the point.

– Raw egg yolks from a quality source are even less likely to contain salmonella. Healthy, pastured chickens with lots of sun exposure aren’t going have much salmonella to pass on to their eggs.

– A healthy body is equipped to fight bacteria on its own. We encounter bad bacteria all the time. If we take good care of our bodies they can put up a good fight against the bad stuff. If you have a weak or compromised immune system, though, you might want to be more careful. (Taking probiotics helps.)

– Fresh eggs are less likely to harbor a lot of salmonella. To determine if an egg is fresh, bring it to room temperature first. Check for cracks: there should be none. Roll the egg on a flat surface: it should wobble. Check the white and yolk: both should be firm and not easily broken. If you think it’s not fresh, don’t eat it.

Do you eat raw egg yolks? Why or why not? Comment below!

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  1. I’ve noticed that I feel really exhausted after I eat eggs. I’ve been wondering if I should try them raw, but I don’t know what I would do with the white if I need to separate them to have the yolk raw. Any ideas?

    • I admit I tend to throw away a lot of whites (well, I give them to the pot belly pig), even though it feels so wasteful. But I do use them sometimes. They make a great pore-minimizing face mask if you whip them up just a bit. They are also great for coconut macaroons or homemade merengue. Whipped egg whites can also make very fluffy waffles if you fold them in at the end. I’m sure other readers might have some ideas, too?

      • I add whipped egg whites to most of my baking, gives it much better texture! It works great in muffins or quick breads as well. I also whip egg whites for the Cinnamon Bun muffins (made with almond flour and coconut oil) from Elana’s Pantry website, they turn out beautifully that way!

      • You can use egg whites for making a tasty meringue. Love these guys.. BTW eggs are awesome. Thanks for this post Elizabeth.

      • I have mine raw and I have the egg white and yolk altogether, plus I have 6 a time, 3 times a day atm until I move up to 2 dozen a day, all I do is add a tiny bit of water blend for not long then drink it, I feel better every time I go onto eggs my health goes brilliant my mental mood improves also, I advise anyone to have the whole egg raw :)

    • You’re probably experiencing a detox effect. I was just reading online about the popular “egg yolk, lime juice liver cleanse,” which for many beginners will make them tired and sleepy right away. You might want to google this and see if the information is helpful to you.

    • Egg-whites contain L-Tryptophan, this has a sedative effect. (same as turkey)

      Reason enough not to eat Egg-whites in the morning for me, among other reasons.

  2. I love raw eggs!!!!

    I prefer just the yolk by a long shot, but I amost always eat the whole thing. I crack them into my mouth for a snack (or suck them out for fun/less mess) , or put 4-5 in a glass for a pre-meal or light lunch.

    • Hey Grok! I’ve seen you over at Mark’s Daily Apple. Glad to see you here at The Nourished Life – welcome!

      That’s great that you love whole yolks. That must make it so easy to eat them. In a hurry I’ve beat a few into a little milk and swallowed it down. I thought it would be gross but I was surprised that I didn’t mind it at all. I haven’t braved trying them whole, yet, though. Maybe someday…

      • Egg milk is delicious. You can add warm water, cream, coconut oil and cinnamon combos for yummy drinks too.

        I like raw eggs so much that I’ll just sit there with a glass and sip it like tea. I don’t even mix them most the time.

    • whoa – you crack them right in your mouth? I definitely want to start eating raw eggs. i am deficient in a few things and vitamins aren’t helping! the idea of eating chicken ovulation makes gag. I’m looking around for recipes that are good enough to trick me into believing there are no eggs in it…

      • Fresh OJ, 3 to 4 raw eggs, raw milk or raw yogurt, cinnamon or cardamom(opt). Blend, and drink. Great with the addition of orange for vit c boost. Personally, we eat the whole egg, I have read on the other side that with the white it makes it a whole food. I figure if it came from God in it’s purist form, it’s got to be good!

        • Raw eggs tastes so very delicious. A good way to eat it is to poke a tiny hole on the bottom and another on the top. You block and tap one hole with your finger and drink from the other. I recommend doing it slowly if you’re not used to the taste. Let it linger in your mouth and try to take time to taste it. It’s incredibly delicious!

          And I agree with Susan. Research says that the raw egg whites combined with the yolk makes it perfectly safe to consume and makes it a ‘whole’ food, just the way God intended.

          • Well, raw egg white contains avidin, which binds biotin (potential for deficiency). The yolk is best raw; the white is best cooked.

    • Raw egg whites contain a protein that can make them very hard to digest. Most of the nutrition is in the yolk, anyway. I often just use the yolks, even in cooking.

    • i would not refer to it as a “danger….” but rather an issue that needs to be understood. i will eat raw egg whites from chickens i trust, but not very often. the number of raw egg yolks i eat would eventually cause problems if i ate all of them with the whites. i cook with some, feed some to my dog and let some go.

  3. I eat raw egg yolks also on the advice of Wai from Waisays.com

    I also eat 80% fresh ripe fruit, fresh organic veg, unshelled nuts/seeds, a variety homegrown berries, Homemade greendrinks, homemade almond vanilla nut milks and thai coconut milk. fresh harvested water.
    That is all I eat and drink. No wheat gluten, no milk/dairy, no meat, no caffeine and minimal refined sugar.

    Google waisays
    she tells you how to do the egg safety test and what to look for.

  4. Nice post! I usually just fry my eggs, trying to get the egg white as done as possible while leaving the yolk as runny as possible. I think that should keep most of the good stuff in the yolk intact. Nice idea to mix raw egg yolks with kefir though. I will definitely try that!

  5. Egg-cellent Post!! Really enjoyed this one. Being we make up an eggnog every single morning. Raw Milk, raw eggs, vanilla essense and toss in some fresh fruit to thicken it up a bit. I use no sweeteners whether I add fruit or not.

  6. I love raw eggs in my smoothie and am totally convinced by the health benefits. However, I have noticed that I often (maybe always) get a kind of gall bladder ache when I have it. Anyone else ever have this? It feels like my stomach goes kind of hard and then there is an ache in the upper right quad of my abdomen. I additionally disappointed by this because I am pregnant and know the benefits of raw eggs to build placenta.

    • I am not sure what the connection might be, but I think it’s always important to listen to your body (that is, if you can decipher what it’s telling you!). Raw egg yolks are great, but you can still be extremely healthy without them.

    • The lecithin in the egg is causing the gallbladder to ache. It’s breaking down the bile and cholesterol in the bile duct. Happened to me every time I ate them for a while. Drink plenty of raw apple cider vinegar in organic apple cider for a couple of weeks. That should take care of the purging going on in the gallbladder and you should be able to incorporate the eggs again. Also, the extra estrogen in pregnancy makes your gallbladder kick up too. Just stick with the ACV and eat some beets too. You’ll be fine. :)

  7. At the moment I eat the whole raw egg. I am in still two minds whether just have the
    yolk or the whole egg. It seems such a waste to throw away the egg white especially since the chickens has gone to all the trouble of producing the yolk and egg white.

    Here’s an interesting link to the use of egg yolks and limes in a liver/gall bladder cleans. The thread has been running for over 4 years so there must be something in it.


    • I wake up crack 2 eggs swallow them whole (raw)with a scoop of whey protien powder in a glass of water then 3 hrs later i cook 4 eggs (only whites) and swallow the raw egg yolk with black beans or refried beans but i do buy organic eggs much more tastier and helthier also only cost around $3 for a dozen so very much worth it your body will apperciate it and you will notice :)

  8. Lecithin from egg yolks is also what cured my plugged ducts and mastitis! A little known side effect from raw egg yolks – they promote breast health, and apparently some studies are showing it can have a strong preventative effect on breast cancer as well.

  9. I forgot about the raw yolk. I used to add and mix it with milk or chocolate milk. Thanks for reminding! 😉 via @HealthByChoice1

  10. Great post about nutrient dense raw eggs. I will try them in a smoothie. Also, when I fry an egg, I like the yolk runny, so in that sense, it’s not completely cooked. Maybe a compromise for someone who is not willing to try raw.

  11. If you are worried about raw whites, then steaming is the way to go. There’s a lower chance of over-cooking, which leads to cross-linkages and/or denatured (toxic?) nutrients. A basic egg-steamer will give directions how to get an egg to come out in which the white is adequately cooked and the “liquid gold” is still nice and runny.

  12. Paul   –    Every morning in the blender: 1 1/2 quarts pineapple juice, 4 or 5 bananas,  2 or 3 eggs yolks, 1/4 cup honey and a good shot of vanilla !                      My breakfast: at least 2 cups and the rest occasionally the rest of the day.  Enjoy ! !                  

  13. I’m going to wait to try until I have access to local farm, pastured eggs from chickens that live outside, eat bugs, get top notch feed from their humans, hang out in the sunshine – you know, the way it ought to be! I look forward to it. :) I like the blending idea. As I’ve only eaten cooked eggs in my life, it’ll be an acquired texture I’m sure.

    • Yes, it’s good to have eggs from a quality source first (mine is my backyard, lol). As for taste, I honestly can’t taste egg yolks in smoothies if I only use 1-2. They just make it creamy like ice cream. I’ve added 3-4 before and then I can kind of taste it, but it’s still not unpleasant.

  14. As a child I can recall my father and brothers having raw egg in drinks as a nutritional booster. I can recall two drinks. First one was a glass of freshly squeezed orange juice blended with one or two eggs with a little sugar added to taste if required. The second recipe is stout with milk and one or two raw eggs. Take one bottle of Guinness or any other brand add half as much milk usually full cream and two eggs with 1/2 cup honey or other sweetener to taste.Blend with ice cubes pour in a tall glass and great drinking.The eggs were farm fresh as we raised our own free range hens. I suppose using low fat milk can reduce calories for those concerned.
    These drinks were generally seen as drinks to strengthen men however as children we did partake. After hesitancy over the yuk factor of raw eggs, we did find the stout drink delish; as several persons stated tastes like milk shake. No one ever suffered ill effects.

    • Awesome story! Thanks so much for sharing. It’s funny how raw eggs were traditionally consumed as nutritional supplements, but now that practice is almost entirely forgotten in modern culture (perhaps because factory farmed eggs pose a bigger danger than real farm fresh eggs).

    • I just had hefeweizen beer with whole milk, about 1 to 1, and two whole eggs plopped-in (‘free range organic’ supposedly), and drunk it up, it felt perfect, perfect balance,.. I’m stoked. It was the first time I ever did that, I just poured about 4oz beer, 4oz whole milk(un-homogenized, important for my best vitality instead of homogenized, – so I find, from experience with my body’s response). No mixing, just pour ’em/put ’em in together then drink.
      I read your family did similar, very interesting,… though I find I do well without the sweetener (besides beer and milk being kinda sweet).
      I just decided that this would be good, and it is. I didn’t read about it, I just created it by following what I figured my body was telling me, prudently.

  15. I have a raw egg yolk every morning in my smoothie. My mother told me a raw egg calms the nerves of the stomach, not sure if that is true – but she can swallow raw eggs whole straight from the shell, which just makes me gag thinking about it.

    I have to admit to throwing the white away too :(

  16. Growing up in the 50’s and 60’s, I was given eggnog made with raw eggs, milk and sugar by my mom whenever I was recovering from an illness (especially from a stomach bug). It was generally believed to be a strengthening tonic back then. We all stopped doing it with the salmonella “scare”, although my grandfather-in-law ate one or two raw eggs every morning by putting them in a glass and drinking them down and he lived to the age of 98.
    Now, the only raw eggs I generally get are through my homemade mayo (made with farm fresh eggs), but I have also learned to cook eggs gently, at very low heat, so the whites stay very tender (instead of rubbery) and the yolks are runny. I might have to start throwing some into smoothies occasionally. I will probably use the whole egg because of Dr Mercola and a few others have written.

  17. Ever since i was a baby and was always begging my grandma to buy me something sweet, she used to make me a quick cocoa cream just by mixing raw egg yolk, a teaspoon of sugar and a bit of cocoa. I found that to be one of the most delicious deserts ever. I realize now that it was pretty healthy too. Nevermind the sugar, i would run outside all day so that was being used properly 😀 never got sick from eggs and it’s been more than 27 years!

  18. I cannot eat egg whites because they contain a significant amount of calcium which contribute to my kidney stone problem. I’ve had 4 episodes in the past 6 years and ever since I took egg whites out my diet I’ve been stone-free for 2 years so far.

  19. I have done an experiment enough times to figure there is something to it. I eat at 6:00 am. I have found that 3 cooked eggs with cheese and butter holds me over until about 11 am. However, only 2 raw eggs with nothing else and I am good until noon. My theory is the cooking damages the proteins so by not cooking, I am fuller longer. It doesn’t taste great and is repulsive, but the lasting energy effects are worth it.

  20. What great timing on this article, I have been recently experimenting with adding raw eggs to my smoothies and I love the texture it gives especially since I am omitting bananas right now. Thank you for the very informative post.

  21. Very interesting. I will have to do more research now and maybe not feel bad if I eat raw cookie dough again :). My kids don’t like smoothies either (weirdos) so I may try some of the ways you mentioned to incorporate them more in our diet.

    I do have to point out one thing though…you are not understanding the statistics correctly. If 1 in 30,000 eggs contains salmonella that just means that if you have 30,000 eggs 1 will contain it…not the 30,000th one will have salmonella. It could be any of the 30,000 eggs in the bunch so you could eat that one egg tomorrow or anytime within the next 27 years if you continue to eat 3 a day.

    Just didn’t want anyone to be confused on how that works, please don’t take it the wrong way, I am not a hater :)

  22. I eat raw egg yolks whipped with a little sugar or honey or avage and mixed with a malt drink (popular in caribbean cultures). You can substitute malt for 100% grape juice, welch’s works great. My grandmother always use to make me this drink growing up and I still love it.

  23. i tried to read through to make sure this has not been answered, so apologies if it is a repeat. has anyone mixed them with yogurt? does it have the same result as mixing in a shake as many of you talk about? (only one real way to find out, but thought i would ask before i compromise the egg and half cup of yogurt!) thanks!

  24. I like to beat up 2 raw eggs with a dash of organic soy sauce, a sprinkle of black pepper, a tsp of EVOO, and sometimes a dash of hot sauce. A quick and easy breakfast. The EVOO gives it some staying power, otherwise I’m hungry again in an hour.

  25. Didn’t read all other comments, but I just wanted to leave this tip: an easy way to check if the egg is still good, is to put it in water. If it sinks, it’s ok. If it floats, it’s rotten.

  26. I like to take a banana, some whole milk and a raw eggs and mix it up with my emersion blender. I have eaten raw eggs like this since I was a teen. I’m in my early 60s now. It’s not something I go around telling people.

  27. I put two egg yolks in some whole milk and heavy cream (grass fed) for breakfast. About a pint in all all shaken up. Amazing energy and no mood swings from blood sugar changes. I think I found my new favorite breakfast!

  28. Dr. Mercola is a quack. He got his butt sued by the FDA for false claims about the products he shills. Don’t trust a word that scam artist says. In fact, I think he lost his MD license over it.

    • He never had an MD — he is an Osteopathic doctor plus a Ph.D. He chose Osteopathy over Allopathic medicine because it takes a more systematic approach instead of focusing on the disease (rather than the patient)and treating symptoms. He’s a good guy.

  29. “Heat alters the nutrients in eggs and destroys the enzymes that help us assimilate them. Cooked eggs are still a decent source of nutrition, but eating raw egg yolks takes the nutrient-density to a whole new level. They are highly digestible and full of readily-available nutrients.”

    Would you be able to elaborate which nutrients and enzymes are being completely destroyed (0% left)/altered (by how much %?) when heated? Is it Vit D? Vit A?..which enzymes?

  30. Joe- The FDA makes money off big Pharma, not coconut oil or juicers from Walmart. Just saying.

    Also, I’d like to add…if you live in SC and you avoid Flouride and other additives in our water (sad) then drive up to Blenheim and fill up lots of jugs. Natural spring that runs all year. It’s the best tasting water. I don’t use ANY other water.

  31. Okay–for those of us who don’t have access to farm raised eggs and have limited budgets..what are the healthiest store bought eggs? Some have told me Eggland’s Best.

    • That’s a tough call. I’ve personally used Eggland’s Best when money’s tight. Whether or not you feel safe using these raw is a personal decision, but I will say I’ve done it and not been sick yet.

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    know if blogs use WYSIWYG editors or if you have to manually code with HTML.
    I’m starting a blog soon but have no coding experience so I
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  33. I was wondering, is it ok to have egg york in milk with a teaspoon or honey and a pinch of cinnamon on empty stomach? I have been having it for a couple of weeks now and having no problems in fact feeling much better energy wise but just wasn’t sure having it first thing in the morning?

  34. Thanks for this article Elizabeth. Raw eggs really help me too. Notice tonnes of energy after eating it.. I believe its very healthy nomayter how other contributors put it down bcoz of “food poisoning” or “cholesterol”. As it is packed with nutrition, I believe itll combat these both anyways..
    Cool post btw (:


  35. I grew up in the sixties in Scotland and we regularly had a switched egg which was egg whisked with milk and honey,it was delicious I’ve been afraid to have some since the salmonella scare in the 90s but you’ve convinced me,guess what I’ll be having for breakfast tomorrow : )

  36. I love eating basted eggs (in olive oil). I like the yolk to be part cooked and part runny. Also, I eat gluten free, dairy free, and soy free. For a while now, I noticed a significant drop in my blood pressure after I eat basted eggs. My normal pressure drops to 104/59, and I feel light headed. I don’t have this reaction when I eat raw eggs or scrambled eggs.

    Also, I add Bobs Red Mill Nutritional Yeast Flakes to my scrambled eggs. It is an acquired taste, but its loaded with B12……and no drop in blood pressure.

    Has anyone else had this issue with blood pressure and eggs?

  37. Thank you so much for this article. I ate raw eggs for the first time yesterday, plain, and it was so gross I never though I would be able to do it again.
    In my nutribullet I put 2 whole raw eggs, a little milk, and a tsp of honey. OH MY! Delicious and satisfied.
    Thank you again!

  38. I eat 2 eggs over easy every morning. The yolk only gets warm. How much of a difference would this make in nutrient absorption?

  39. I remember my mom telling me that in the late 40’s (before I was born) my dad had a serious blood disease. His doctor prescribed 2 raw eggs in a glass of beer every night after work. Put him back on his feet and healthy! Beer still had nutritional value back then, so in today’s world, I would use a ‘real’ beer like Guiness Stout.

    THANK YOU so much for this article Elizabeth – I ran across it on Pinterest. I will be starting my smoothies again and will happily be adding an egg or two.

  40. I just wanted to thank you for putting this well-resourced article together. I just linked to your article on my recent blog post on making your own mascara from egg yolk and activated charcoal. It helps ease some fears that some might have surrounding raw egg consumption/ use.

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  42. Thanks for this great info of a subject not much published on the web! I am considering to integrate it -even though on and off between- vegetarian/vegan food for years, I am considering to integrate it as I feel lately drawn to eggs and thought that there intuitively must be something my ecosystem needs to heal. Therefore, I would love to hear what actually changed -from your subjective point of view- in health benefits since you added the raw egg routing. Is there something which you would definitely say is better since you added eggs? Thanks so much!

  43. I have been with ulcers,am not sure if many of you know this health stomach problem,in simple language,am told that these are stomach wounds.I have been with this problem for years.Recently while on my safari to the Gorillas,one of my colleagues told me to drink a mixture of two spoons of honey,one whole raw egg and about four to five spoons of milk all blended together.My Friend believes that if i do this three times a day after every meal (Breakfast,lunch and dinner) that i will be okay.

    Am not sure how possible this is,am worried about the dangers of this combination if any of you can help,i will be grateful and from many peoples views,i think i should forgot about the white egg.Thanks for your advise.The good thing is that we have good eggs and real good honey in Uganda,this makes my worries more controlled but from nutritional point of view on how dangerous this can be,i sincerely need your advise.

    • That doesn’t sound dangerous at all. Just make sure you buy free range and organic eggs, as they’ll give you the maximum benefit.

      I’d also strongly advise you to see a doctor about the ulcer. My own recommendation, though, would be to start taking some probiotics (maybe you’ve tried raw sauerkraut before?) and to focus on nutritional food like fruits, vegetabless, meat, raw eggs, raw nuts. Perhaps you should also avoid wheat (bread, pasta etc) as I personally find that it is terrible for the digestive system – you may well be sensitive to it too.

      Hope things get better for you soon.


  44. thanks, I just got the info at work, he is in the bodybuilding business. and he stated
    that raw are in somewhat way not absorbed as pan fried or cooked eggs.
    the me it seemed odd, tho I have always eaten eggs in a cooked fashion in a pan or in boiling water, b/c heat is and must destroy some of the chemical bonds, thus break up some components //hence the egg turns white :-) //.
    so I just had to do a quick search,hopefully I can trust yours. Even if Mercola is on the radical side.
    thanks again, will add some to my smoothies.
    just turned vegan and do eat some cheese, heated milk and eggs. cheers

  45. I’m so glad i came across this! I feed my dogs raw dog food. Ive seen how healthy they have been. I sneak them egg yolks when i make my scrambled eggs. Ive started making raw smoothies and I started adding raw eggs. Whites and all. But now i may just add the yolks. I honestly cant taste the eggs!

    • I personally do that sometimes, but you can’t just add them straight in because the outside of eggs actually do carry bacteria-the inside is aseptic, but the outside has been pushed out of a chickens behind (thus not really clean), lol. What I do is collect my free-range organic eggshells, and then add boiling water over them in a pot that allows them to be submerged. I usually keep them submerged for about 10 minutes or so, and sometimes add more boiling water if they were particularly “dirty”. Anyways, while this has gone on, I have preheated my oven to 350F and pop them in a cookie pan for like 5 minutes (until they are completely dry. Allow to cool for a bit, and then blend them in a coffee grinder (I crush my eggshells a bit by hand in order to make more room to add more in the grinder. Store it in a ziplock bag or an airtight container and store it properly-I put it in the freezer/fridge…Just add it to smoothies, but I sometimes eat it just with honey-crunchy honey actually tastes good, oddly enough!

      In sum, go for it!!!

  46. I have 3 soft boiled eggs every day from my free range chickens. I insist that the yolks run. I used to soak clean egg shells in lemon juice (apple cider vinegar would probably work too) which would draw the calcium out of the shell.

  47. I eat the whole thing raw, 2 in a glass most mornings and down the hatch. But I find myself worrying about the whole biotin deficiency due to the egg whites cancelling out the biotin from egg yolks. Is this known to be accurate or is this just myth?

    It is incredible how different I feel after eating raw eggs and more healthy in general. More energy, more positive which aids a lot in ensuring I keep up the gym.

    I have failed in keeping up my diet and health programmes in the past and it truly is bewildering how much difference a healthy lifestyle changes your life.

    Good luck to everyone :)

    • I’ve also read about the avidin in egg whites preventing biotin absorption — I sort of look at it the other way and consider the yolk making up for the avidin. In the end, the yolk is way more nutritious than the whites, so if I had to choose, the yolk wins every time. But honestly the (raw) white is not something I stress about if the overall diet is nutritious. So the answer is a nice ambiguous “It depends.” If you’re concerned about a biotin deficiency, then maybe opting out on the raw whites is a good choice. Otherwise, I personally don’t worry about it.

  48. I like to make my own mayonnaise so that I can just use olive oil, and no preservatives, etc. I was worried about the raw yolks, but now I feel much better. Thanks! I love eggs. Re gall bladder: raw egg yolks are excellent but they also contain fat (NOT an automatic bad thing at all! Yolk has good fat, omega 3s and 6s) However, if you’re sensitive to fat digestion already it could possibly stress the gall bladder (my GUESS only).

  49. Hello, I read as much of the comments as possible, but did not come across this question:

    Does anyone know if there are parasites and such in raw eggs? I am on an anti-parasitic diet, and would like to try this for it’s nutritional benefits, but am unsure due to this nature. Thanks.

  50. I eat sometimes 80 cooked eggs per week, with 30 yolks or so…

    sometimes if I’m very busy, I eat the eggs raw in raw milk;

    study this, study that, the idea that raw egg whites are bad for you is just stupid; tell that to the animals/lizards/birds/snakes, who eat the eggs of other animals

    eat eggs

  51. I love raw eggs whole or soft boiled with a runny yolk. Sometimes even fried with a runny yolk. I get mine from a farmers market. Very tasty and much nicer than store bought eggs.

  52. Raw eggs are fabulous for health and for reversing the aging process. It certainly did not harm the 115 year old Italian woman who ate 3 raw eggs everyday since she was a teenager.

  53. […] Are you still afraid of raw eggs? I’m not. Well actually, I’m not afraid of local and organic free range eggs from healthy chickens- I’m still pretty terrified of super market eggs. To learn all about the benefits of raw free range eggs, hop on over to The Nourished Life to read Elizabeth’s post Why I Eat Raw Eggs Yolks Every Day. […]

  54. Just started doing this… Yesterday I cracked a cage-free egg on my break in the parking lot; drained out the white, and sipped down the yolk. Hit me a few hours later. Boost of extended energy! This morning I separated two eggs (yolk from white) drank the yolks while the whites were cooking.. Packed them up to eat for lunch. My new routine : )
    Also, I have quail and chickens. As soon as mama hen hatches her chicks and starts producing more eggs; and the quail start laying eggs when the heat lets up; I will be using both of these sources daily.

  55. I really want to try your coffee smoothie with the raw egg yolk but for some reason a raw egg yolk is a bit of a yuck factor to me…any way of tricking my mind into not thinking of the egg yolk while I drink? Hahaha

  56. Rich smoothly
    4 raw eggs
    2-3 cups frozen bananas
    1/4 cup coconut milk
    Pinch of salt
    Enough whole milk to make 1litre of smoothly in the blender
    This smoothly tastes something like commercial eggnog only better
    My kids eat or drink it every school day for breakfast.
    There has been no problem in the past 6 years except the day, after 2 years, they found out my recipe.
    Son said, this feels like the scene where Darth Vader says, “Luke, I am your father”
    Go ahead, have no eggs , I said.
    It didn’t last past recess and didn’t taste nearly as good.

  57. I have been cracking three a day in a glass. Chug Them down as is, followed by about 4 oz of grapefruit juice as a chaser. You be surprised how little of a taste there is if you don’t break the yoke. What ever taste there is, doesn’t last as the grapefruit juice takes it right away.

  58. Interesting! I may have to try eating the white too now. I’ve never tried them, because I was always told that the white was bad raw.
    My favorite way to eat raw egg is blended in a glass of raw goat’s milk with a tablespoon of molasses. It’s an amazing energy boost! I usually use barbados molasses, since it’s sweeter–the only time I used blackstrap molasses was when I was pregnant–my only weird craving, lol.

  59. I like egg yolks whisked into broth – chicken, beef or vegetable – it’s great.
    Temper the yolks by ladling a little of the hot broth into the yolks a couple of times as you whisk,then you can add them to the hot broth without their cooking into an egg drop soup. Creamy and heartening.

  60. I love raw eggs! I’m consuming them while pregnant!!! * gasp* call the cops haha! I ate them before I got pregnant and had zero morning sickness, dunno if the eggs played a part. I like to think so :) Great article!

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